Hey, hey I am Traci!

I am passionate about adventure elopements and couple’s sessions that capture your wild love. There is something amazing that happens when you get to be outside, in the wilderness, with couples with hearts on fire. I love the feeling I get when an image I’ve captured displays the raw emotion that my couples feel together.

I was raised in a small town in North Carolina, but I have lived all over the US. Currently, I’m based out of Phoenix, Arizona! I love a good cocktail (mezcal is my fav) and enjoy camping, hiking, and anything outside. Indoors, you’ll find me snuggled up with my cats - Indy + Sophie - who sometimes tag along with me for the adventures I take! I am extremely passionate about following your heart, dancing to your own beat, and learning as you go.

I have a background in fine art, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. My goal in working with you is to not only create images that display the emotion of your love story, but also to create imagery that is bold, honest and creative so that you can showcase the love that you share within your home on your walls.

Traci Edwards Photography - Adventure Elopement Photographer

Why elopements?

What is my ‘why’? Where do I stand with marriage, weddings and elopements? Would I elope?! HECK YES!! Some girls and boys dream of the big fancy wedding their whole life and there is nothing wrong with that, but I do not connect with it. I am very traditional in the marriage since. I am all about going through life with a partner and sharing your whole lives together. I am all about long term commitment and family. When it comes to the wedding day I am all about marriage. I think often times in modern weddings the marriage part gets lost between the seating arrangement, bridal party and more. I know personally I would be so stressed about everyone listening to my vows that I wouldn’t say everything I want to my partner. Most weddings the ceremony is about 10-15 minutes, but isn’t that the most important part?? So I believe strongly that elopements are the most passionate, emotional and connective way to get married. As far as adventure elopements/destination elopements I believe those just take it a step further. Hiking, rock climbing, camping and exploring new places are always emotional and take trust and communication between you and your partner. Having an adventure elopement brings so much emotion, excitement, serenity and more to the day. It is to me the only way to truly have a day that is all about you two and your bond. Elopements come in many different forms and are unique to each couple. I can’t even believe that I get to call this my ‘job’ and it means so much to me to help couples plan and to document their elopement.