The Olympic National Park

Elopement Photographer - Olympic National Park

Everyone has a story....

You have read my blogs about Smith Rock, Iceland, California and other travels, but I wanted to share where all this started. In 2016, the MPP team took a trip to Olympic National Park to camp and hike for three days. During this trip we spent time camping and hiking in the rainforest, hiking along the coast in the beautiful PNW and trekking around with deer in the snowy mountains of Hurricane Ridge. I can honestly say that this trip changed my life. It sparked this intense desire to spend more time outdoors hiking and camping. Being surround about this parks natural beauty made me feel more at peace than I ever had in my life. It blossomed this wonder I already had for traveling and exploring. Soon after, I learned about modern day elopements and boom! I was hooked. I absolutely love elopements; not only because they are often in wonderful places in the world like here, but also because I get to merge fine art prints with wedding photos for my clients. I hope you enjoy these images from what started it all for me!

Pacific North West Photographer

General places I am available for hire for elopements: Arizona, California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Iceland, etc.

Specific places I a available for hire for elopements: Sedona, Grand Canyon, Horse Shoe bend, Smith Rock, Vik, Olympic National Park, Joshua Tree, Sand dunes in southern Cali, Torrey pines, etc.

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