Salt River Engagement Session - Andrea & Gabe

Salt River Engagement Session - Andrea & Gabe

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Tyler + Rhiannon - In Home Session

Couples Session - In Home - Phoenix, Arizona Photographer

Phoenix, Arizona couples photographer
In Home Couples Session - Phoenix, Arizona

Tell me how you met...

It all starts there and now you're a couple that just bought your first home together. In home couples sessions are so much fun. They are playful and meaningful. I got the chance to photograph Tyler and Rhiannon in their new home in West Palm Beach, Florida while down South for a golf tournament. I arrived to their new home as they were painting the walls and unpacking the kitchen. In home sessions can be simple, but beautiful. They can be some of the first memories you make in your new home where you will have many, many memories to come. My favorite part of Tyler and Rhiannon's session was towards the end when I said that's a wrap and asked if there was anything else they wanted to do Tyler said 'Airplane!" I was so excited it was like they read my mind! Printing images like these to put on your walls to see everyday can remind you of the love that builds the foundation of your home.

Phoenix Arizona Engagement Photographer
In Home Session - Couples session - new home - Chandler, arizona

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I look forward to photographing local arizona couples in their new homes  :)

For the Moms...

Phoenix, Arizona - Maternity Photographer & In Home Newborn Photographer

maternity milk bath phoenix arizona.jpg

In lew of Mother’s Day coming up this blog post is all about the beautiful mamas!

If you have not heard yet, I am offering 20% any Maternity, In Home Newborn or Mommy & me sessions booked by the 14th. The session can take place between the day of booking and July 15th. The session must be within two hours of Phoenix.

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While I am not a mom (except to my two kitties) I love working with mothers. Mama’s to be and new moms are always apart of some of my favorite sessions. It is such a special time period in a women’s life and I love being able to create artistic, preserved images of pregnancy or the first few days of your babies life. The heat of Phoenix is around the corner, but all of my Summer mamas have the great options of in home sessions or destination sessions if you do not want to be out in the heat. Can not wait to work with you all soon!

In Home Newborn Photographer - Phoenix, Arizona

 Mother’s love is bliss, is peace, it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. If it is there, it is like a blessing; if it is not there it is as if all the beauty had gone out of life.


Erich Fromm

When you’re in the thick of raising your kids by yourself, you tend to keep a running list of everything you think you’re doing wrong. I recommend taking a lot of family pictures as evidence to the contrary.
— Connie Schultz

Farewell Florida

Traci Edwards Portrait for Montana Pritchard Photography

I know I have you wondering what I am doing in Arizona, but before I tell you all about it I must give a proper goodbye to Florida. My time at Montana Pritchard Photography did not disappoint. I have learned so much over the last two and half years and been to some amazing places and met some very inspirational people.

There are lots of images from my time in Florida I did not have the chance to blog about. Check them out below!



Here are some of my favorite memories from my time working in West Palm Beach and from work trips!

Although, I may be in Arizona now I will still be around Florida quite a bit! I must say thank you to Montana Pritchard, everyone who let me photograph them, all the amazingly talented make up artist I worked with, the friends I made a long the way and to my only good landlords in Florida, Dan & Rene. I can not wait to see what the future holds!

Three's company...


My session with the beautiful Nagle family was full of love and laughter. We photographed in front of the Körner's Folly house built in 1880 in Kernersville, North Carolina. When choosing a location I love having a place that gives the option of style, showing placement, but also something clean. I always try to keep family session's organic to show the true emotion and family dynamics. I think we nailed it on this one!

Family Portrait Photographer NC

Love these?

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Family Matters

In light of Hurricane Harvey destroying a city so precious to me, Houston, and Hurricane Irma threatening the town I currently reside in, West Palm Beach, I felt the need to share something....

Family Portraits are SO important!

As I packed my belongings to evacuate West Palm Beach I did not know exactly what I wanted to take just in case I was to lose everything. The only item I grabbed from my house other than necessities was my grandmother's old lunch box because it holds all my old family's photos. While there are no photos of us all together they are moments we can not get back. Driving up to Georgia, I was thinking about how I need more images of my family. I wondered why we never take any and thought about the family sessions I had photographed and realized people need to know that...

You do NOT need a special reason to take family portraits!

As your life goes on your family changes, people grow up and some grow older. You never know what is to happen in life. It is important to take the time together and freeze a moment in time and that you can always have on your walls or in your hands; there to share with future family members.

Back to School...

With school back in session, I thought I would share the most recent Senior portrait session I did in Palm Beach. Good luck to the class of 2018 this year! This is your year, make it memorable and enjoy it. Thank you Derek for coming all the way to West Palm Beach from Indiana for your senior portraits!

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Southern Ties


I am very excited to announce that I will be running a special for the next year for any North Carolina weddings booked. In case you are just now checking in, I am currently based in West Palm Beach, but I call Carolina home. I am now booking weddings for August 2017 - August 2018 and for any North Carolina weddings booked there will be no travel charge and I will be offering a free wedding album. I look very forward to being able to provide beautiful imagery for my fellow North Carolinians during their special day!