YAY !! - Super Excited you have chosen me to photograph your ELOPEMENT <3

Please fill out this client interview so I can prep your contract and get to know you better!! I can’t wait to work together, if you have any questions before your elopement please email me or text/call me! I am also putting some tips below so you can also get to know me better and how this process will work!

What to expect??

I am very go with the flow and laid back, but I am also VERY EXCITED!! Lol, I will for sure say “this light!!!” and “holy cow look at those clouds” at least three times during your elopement! We will be chatting a lot the weeks prior to get a plan together for when and where you would like to do the ceremony part of your elopement. I will be photographing pretty much from the time I arrive until we are leaving. I will be capturing a lot of “behind the scenes” shots of you finishing getting ready and hiking the trail in. I may stop you in a couple of places for some rad photo opportunities. For the ceremony I will be giving you as much privacy as possible for your vows, but still capture those sweet moments. If there are shots you want or ideas you have don’t hesitate to let me know! It is all a collaboration really! I always try to shoot a couple of super creative shots for my clients, so bear with me these take time, but end up being magical!

How to prepare???

Know the trail!! I can’t stress this enough. If we are hiking I suggest looking up the trail on All Trails app for the best information or searching it on the Outbound website. If anyone is coming along for the ride please make sure they are prepared as well. Drink lots of water prior to the hike if we are adventuring. Bring with you to the shoot: snacks, water, head lamps/flash light and anything you may need to touch up your hair and make-up. If you are getting your hair and make-up done let them know you’ll be hiking so they can do a setting spray. Decide if you will be hiking in your wedding attire or changing somewhere on the trail. Do not worry I can help you make this choice! If you are going to have flowers we will pack them in the pack, but be sure to let your florist know as well that you will be hiking so they can tell you how to keep them looking their best and how they will do out of water. Sometimes we do not have great service where we are shooting, so please text/call me when you are heading out to location and I will do the same. At anytime during your planning process you have questions please ask me, I am your biggest resources from planning, other vendors and trail knowledge. I am always an email, phone call or text away!!

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Thanks for filling out the interview! I will be in touch shortly. If you would like to get to know me better too check out my about info!