Yay!!! Your session is coming up soon! Are you ready?

I am so excited that we are working together! Here are some tips to prep for your session with me! I also ask that you answer my client interview so I can get to know you better before our session! If you have any questions between now and your session please reach out to me via email or phone!

What to wear to your photo session

What to wear?

Ahhhhh the what the heck am I going to wear question!! My biggest tip is do NOT match, but coordinate your colors and textures. Avoid clothing that has verbiage and intense patterns. If we are adventuring please make sure you wear the proper shoes for the hike and if you want bring a change of shoes that’s fine. Clothing is up to you! If you want to hike in your outfit go for it, I will take photos as we hike. If you want to change once we get to where we will be shooting that is fine too!! For more you can check out this Pinterest board on what to wear to your session!

What to expect!

What to expect??

I am very go with the flow and laid back, but I am also VERY EXCITED!! Lol, I will for sure say “this light!!!” and “holy cow look at those clouds” at least three times during your session! We will start the session with some far away shots of you two walking or hiking the trial just to ease into the shoot. Throughout the shoot we will be moving around, dancing and you guys will get to say some emotional bits to each other!! If there are shots you want or ideas you have don’t hesitate to let me know! It is all a collaboration really! I always try to shoot a couple of super creative shots for my clients, so bear with me these take time, but end up being magical!


How to prepare???

Know the trail!! I can’t stress this enough. If we are hiking I suggest looking up the trail on All Trails app for the best information or searching it on the Outbound website. Drink lots of water prior to the hike if we are adventuring. Bring with you to the shoot: snacks, water, head lamps/flash light, 1 outfit change if you wish and anything you may need to touch up your hair and make-up. Sometimes we do not have great service where we are shooting, so please text/call me when you are heading out to location and I will do the same. If you have any questions the day of the shoot please send those to me via text or call.

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Looking so forward to our session! Please let me know if you have any further questions!