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So by now you may know that I am super passionate about photographing boudoir sessions. Just moving to Phoenix I have already gotten to photograph a boudoir session, but I can not wait to make all the other desert ladies feel sexy in their own skin. When photographing a boudoir session it is all about you! We are going to have a fabulous day making drop dead gorgeous images of you. It is all about the vibe and how you feel. Below is list of some of the 'gold mine' locations for a boudoir session in the Arizona and surrounding areas. A few other tips I like to give my ladies is bring lots and lots of the lingerie. Options are the best thing to have! Come relaxed and do not stress, it's really just a girls day after all! Lastly, do not hesitate! Reach out about booking, we will plan everything together to make sure its what you've always imagined as sexy!

Arizona Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir locations vary and they can really create a mood in your images. This shoot was done at the Blok Studio in downtown Phoenix. If you want light, airy images without a bedroom this is the way to go.

Here are some of my favorite boudoir locations and locations I would like to photograph a boudoir session at:

Bolders Resort - Scottsdale, AZ - The rooms here are stunning. They come at a price, but the setting is gorgeous, with lots of variety!

Black Beach - Torrey Pines, CA - A free location! This is a public space, but you can legally be nude here. This makes outfit changes easy and worry free. Boudoir sessions at this location are fun, but they also result in stunning neutral backgrounds.

Cactus Mountain - Joshua Tree, CA - I have not been here yet, but I spend most of my time day dreaming about this place. It's literally a dream. This is not the only perfect rental spot in the area for a boudoir session! If you check out Airbnb you will find plenty more to choose from in Joshua Tree. Locations like this are also stunning for engagement and maternity sessions. Now excuse me while I continue swooning over this location....

Airbnb Rentals - Phoenix, Arizona - Speaking of Airbnb, there are plenty of places that you can also rent in our local area. I can definitely help you pick the right one for the vibe you want. The great thing about booking one of these places is that it may be styled just right and have more light then maybe your house does without going into a steep hotel budget.

Last, but not least, your home can be a perfect fit!

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