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San Diego Elopement Photographer

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California has a big piece of my heart…

so I may be a little bias when I say that California is a great place for an elopement!! It neighbors the great state of Arizona, so if you’re a desert local, but not wanting the desert vibe for you’re elopement day then you are in luck my friend!! When you think of California elopement locations the obvious come to mind like Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, Joshua Tree National Park and the Redwoods. What about the not so obvious??? Some of my favorite little nooks in California for an elopement are Lake Tahoe, the Sand Dunes, Carmel by the Sea, San Fransisco the city OR the surrounding little beaches and islands. Today though I want to talk about the lovely city of SAN DIEGO!! I love this place it is the second city I ever visited in California and I have sense gone back several times. My favorite restaurant in America is in San Diego, Kettner Exchange. Many of you may know the city for the ever famous, Sunset Cliffs. I am not sure there is a better place to watch the sunset. It is such a great spot for a romantic engagement session or elopement if you do not mind a few by standers. As I sat and enjoyed the sunset this visit to California I thought to myself, what are some quiet spots to elope at in this city?! I LOVE Torrey Pines beach, but it is not the most ideal place for an elopement so I went trail hunting. There is this great spot just south of Torrey Pines that’s an easier hike, cliff views, rocky back drops that you can pretty much have to yourself in the morning. While I was searching I also came across a slot canyon, yes, a slot canyon!! It doesn’t compare to the slot canyons in Northern Arizona, but it was truly a neat place. Annie’s Canyon is a short hike with neat views and not far from the city. So folks remember, adventure is out there, even in your big cities and there’s always that perfect place to elope, sometimes you just have to look for it!!

Other great California elopement locations to consider:

Channel Islands National Park, Victoria Beach, Death Valley National Park, Dead Man Lake (pretty much anywhere in the Sierra Nevada), and Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

Tips for Eloping in California

  • If you are planing to elope in any of California’s well known areas like Yosemite or Joshua tree you need to plan ahead!! Camp sites book fast. There are some stunning Airbnb spots near Joshua Tree if you ended up not getting a camp site, but for Yosemite I highly recommend trying to camp in the park or booking one of the parks cabins.

  • Eloping in California requires an officiant and two witnesses! Be sure to plan ahead for this as well, yes I can count as a witness :)

  • If you’re planning to elope on any of California’s coasts be sure to plan around the low tides. If you are planning to elope in any of California’s busier National Parks consider eloping on a weekday and/or off season. If you’re thinking of a winter elopement in the Sierra region keep in mind they get heavy snow fall and you may not be able to access certain trails or may need chains on your tires.

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