Arizona Canyons Elopement

Arizona Adventurous Elopement - Wedding in the Canyons

Coal Mine Canyon, Arizona - Elopement - Adventure Elopement Photographer

Two am call times and four hour drives are always worth views like this when spending the day with two love birds! I have had my eye on this location for a while for one of my elopement or adventure anniversary couples and I was so stoked when Amanda and Conner decided to have their session here! I love scouting out the best locations and helping couples plan their elopement. This was my first time at this stunning canyon in Northern Arizona and I must say if you're wanting to elope somewhere private this is definitely the place to do it! Exploring along the rim there are so many great places to say your vows, have a private quiet moment, or do a little slow dance.

I got overly excited about the cows roaming nearby, but then again I always do, and so "starstuck" by all of the views. I can never get enough of watching my clients get excited about where they are too. Amanda was most excited by all of the different rocks along the rim. She would pick them up and stuff them in Connor's pockets or come up to me in pure excitement to show me how different one was from the other. It warms my heart knowing that my couples can have their wedding day be completely their way . They get to explore, see, and do on their own time where ever they would like. Arizona never stops amazing me of all the beautiful places there are to elope. Along our drive up from Phoenix I kept staring in awe of the locations we passed some were fields of dew with elk in them, some were dark sand mountains, and others were pine forested areas and mountains.

Adventure eloping is not the pampered life. You're getting married in hiking boots and your hair and makeup won't stay perfect. Eloping is worth so much more because your whole marriage will be essentially just a mirror of what your elopement is, helping each other through life, protecting each other from the fall, experiencing new things together, and exploring all life has to offer. I also have to give Amanda and Connor major props for conquering their fear of heights along the canyon rim for those gorgeous shots all while reading their vows. I know that they will be able to get through so much more together throughout their lives.

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