Who, What, When, Where and Why of Elopements

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Adventure Elopement Photographer in Arizona

Hey! It’s me here to tell you more about the couple’s that elope!

Recently, I took a trip back home to the East coast. I received lots of questions about why I chose to be an elopement photographer. I also often receive questions here in Arizona about what an elopement is. I find that there is a BIG misconception about elopements and the couples that choose to elope. I often get questions like, aren’t they just running away? Aren’t these couples trying to get married as cheap as possible? Aren’t these just courthouse weddings? Do they even want photos?

The answers to the questions couldn’t be more of no! I find that the couples that are eloping are not running away, but simply choosing a different route to get married. Weddings come with big expectations, lots of planning, lots of eyes on you all day, your entire wedding day is spent with other s and running around fulfilling a plan. For some people this is fantastic and they have always dreamed of this big day. For others, that sounds exhausting and cold. During an adventure elopement the couple gets to spend a lot of quality time together. Vows read in private can be a quick few minutes or an intimate moment cherished. It is private and romantic. They are free to have all their emotions spill out intimately.

I also find that a lot of couples that elope value the photography of their big day just the same if not more than traditional weddings. Elopements allow a lot more freedom in general, but especially for creative images. Elopements are more likely to have more photography in more of a fine art form with grand landscapes. I also, would disagree with most elopement couples taking the cheaper way out. Some couples that elope have already planned an entire large wedding with all the bells and whistles then decide to go a more intimate route. A lot of couples that elope are often traveling to their location. I rarely find that they go any cheaper on the dress, florals or other things. It is most definitely cheaper because there is no venue and you’re not paying to feed 100 guests. There are plus and minuses to the cost, but I would not say cost is a defining factor in the choice to elope.

Now, the big when and where of elopements! Majority of couples that elope you see in grand places like Yosemite and Horseshoe Bend. You may be thinking to yourself, wow I am not an avid hiker and that looks intimidating. Do not let this turn you away from choosing to elope! A lot of elopement photographers have lots of location options ranging from half mile hikes to ten mile hikes to location ranging from easy to hard. Some couples even rock climb to their location! This does not mean that you must do this too. A lot of the couples hike together often, spend lots of time outdoors, but a lot of couples it is less about the outdoors and more about the intimacy. The when and where is where it is super important in choosing an elopement photographer and communicating with them a lot to ensure a day that is perfect for you!

The overall take away about couples that elope and choosing to elope is that it is a day for you and your partner, just you two or a few select people super important to your partnership. The options are endless to have a day completely your way, where you want, when you want and how you want. Elopements are about adventuring as a couple into life together <3

These are couples just like you, madly in love with each other and the wild. <3

Northern Washington Elopement Photographer - Anacortes ELopement Photographer

Special thanks to Ruthanne for the portrait of myself :)

Payson Elopement Photographer

Thinking of eloping or have more questions about elopements? Connect with me!

Desert Maternity Session

Phoenix Arizona Maternity Photographer - Desert Botanical Gardens

So I have to give major props to Mira and her family for braving the summer Arizona heat for an evening maternity session! Even through the heat and three outfit changes she looked flawless in every photo! They have such a beautiful growing family. I know they're going to have one amazing older brother in their household.

In some of the photos below you will see Mira is wearing my newest closet option for clients, a blue Sew Trendy dress. It was a joy working with Mira to select a Sew Trendy dress that moms will be happy wearing and I hope that many more Arizona mothers will get to wear it in their session. 

Scottsdale Arizona Maternity Photographer

Scottsdale Lifestyle Maternity

In Home Maternity Session - Phoenix Arizona Maternity Photographer

In Home Lifestyle Maternity Session

Maternity Milk Bath - Scottsdale, Arizona

Brittany is a mother of one and pregnant with her second son who will be named Legend. <3

I met Brittany through a local Midwife in Scottsdale, Pam, who owns Arizona Birth at Home. She is so bright and not to mention has impeccable style! During our session Brittany talked about how important family pictures are to her and how excited she was to do an in home session. I love photographing soon to be moms at home and in milk baths, they are so relaxed and at peace. It was a pleasure to photograph Brittany and her part of her story, I look forward to connecting with many more local mama to bes!

Maternity Photographer Scottsdale, Arizona
I love getting pictures taken professionally to have high quality and up to date pictures of where my life is currently at. My kids are only going to go through each age once and I love to see how they change through the years.
— Brittany Slabaugh
Milk Bath Maternity Session - Phoenix, Arizona

Special thank you to Fortee Salon in Chandler, Arizona for sending Rosie on set to do Brittany's beautiful make-up!

In Home Maternity Session - Scottsdale, Arizona

Baby Evie

In home newborn photographer phoenix, arizona
In Home Photographer Scottsdale, Arizona

20 days old, a whole lifetime ahead

Meet miss Evie, also known as, Evangeline Snow White! She is the sweetest little baby you will meet! So calm, cool and collected. You may remember her mom, Sam, who won my Mother's Day session give away a little while back. Her and Kody were so excited to finally have Evie's pictures taken after her stay in the hospital following her welcome into the world. Only being a home a few short days we got her session on the calendar! The session flew by, Evie had her blue eyes open the entire time going through a range of all the emotions. I think she enjoyed showing off her swaddles that her mother made during pregnancy! I could not help but use as many as I could in the photos and of course switching out the sweet bows too. My favorite of course was the cactus swaddle :)

Congratulations Sam and Kody! I can only imagine all of the memories to come in your beautiful growing household <3

Newborn Photographer Phoenix, Arizona

Urban Maternity

downtown maternity shoot.jpg

Downtown Phoenix Maternity Session

Phoenix, Arizona Photographer

The Urban Street Mom.

While I LOVE my in home maternity sessions I also really enjoy photographing them in downtown Phoenix and in natural areas on trails and in gardens. I got to photograph beautiful Jasmine, soon to be mom of three, in downtown on what I like to call the 'magic block.' This is a short route that I have curated locations for maternity sessions that is easy on the mom to be with beautiful back drops for any style. The variety and fun that this type of shoot offers is completely different from the in home sessions, but one that prompts for just as stunning images and memories during your pregnancy. Besides in home and on location maternity sessions, I am also really looking forward to photographing those daring mom-mas-to-be during destination maternity sessions in Sedona, Joshua Tree and many other locations that are near to us in the Phoenix area.

Phoenix Arizona Maternity Photographer
Urban Marternity Photos in Phoenix

Things to love about Downtown Maternity Sessions...

1. super fun out take moments

2. yummy treats along the way, like donuts from Short Leash Hotdogs

3. the unknown of anything and everything

4. getting to be outside in the sun and fresh air

5. discovering new places along the way

6. options, options, options


Phoenix, Arizona Maternity Photoshoot

Phoenix Arizona Marternity Photographer
In Home Maternity Session in Phoenix, AZ

My first photo shoot in Arizona as a new resident...

was a in home maternity session. Sarah graciously welcomed me into their home for this beautiful session. We photographed in their bedroom, the nursery and even got their sweet puppy, JoJo to pose for a few images. We ended the shoot in a relaxing milk bath. This was my first milk bath and what is there not to love?! Such a relaxing experience for the soon to be mom and stunning imagery. I love shoots where I get to bring out the creative side. I can not wait to meet the newest little member of their family soon!

Recently, I have fallen in love with in home sessions, especially for newborns and maternity. I'm really excited to be here in Arizona. I am looking forward to photographing a lot more maternity, family, senior sessions, along with weddings and golf now that I am settled in. Stay tuned each week to follow this new journey!