Buckhead, ATL

On a rainy day in ATL...

one of my best friends and I braved the rain to do photo shoot while I was in town FINALLY visiting. When I asked Kahla if she was up for modeling she said yes and was immediately speaking my lingo when she said let's do something vintage. I started researching original photography from the 1950's and pulled some ideas. She went and gathered an outfit based on my mood board. As we headed out to shoot, I could not help but want to use her vintage bike as a prop. We set off into the rain through a quaint neighborhood in Buckhead to make some beautiful imagery. I decided to edit these images similar to a cross process from the film days to mirror the vintage feels.

I must thank all of my amazing inside and out gorgeous friends and family for always putting up with me wanting to photograph everywhere I go and for always being up for the adventure, because with me it truely is an adventure.