Family Matters

In light of Hurricane Harvey destroying a city so precious to me, Houston, and Hurricane Irma threatening the town I currently reside in, West Palm Beach, I felt the need to share something....

Family Portraits are SO important!

As I packed my belongings to evacuate West Palm Beach I did not know exactly what I wanted to take just in case I was to lose everything. The only item I grabbed from my house other than necessities was my grandmother's old lunch box because it holds all my old family's photos. While there are no photos of us all together they are moments we can not get back. Driving up to Georgia, I was thinking about how I need more images of my family. I wondered why we never take any and thought about the family sessions I had photographed and realized people need to know that...

You do NOT need a special reason to take family portraits!

As your life goes on your family changes, people grow up and some grow older. You never know what is to happen in life. It is important to take the time together and freeze a moment in time and that you can always have on your walls or in your hands; there to share with future family members.

Houston on my Mind

Houston Photo Shoot


With the mess that Hurricane Harvey has created in a state that stole my heart long ago, I thought I would share these images I photographed a couple of years ago. These images were taken in Wharton, Texas with model, Katie McKay. The theme of the shoot was to portray a female protagonist that was strong in a broken, dark scenario. 

Ways YOU can help Hurricane Harvey Victims:

Whether you are in Florida and can help this week, or you can volunteer in Texas or you can donate there are many ways to help! Here are ways I have found you can help the animals, people, and the town!