Weather & Adventure Elopements

Weather & Adventure Elopements

This blog features a beautiful elopement in Iceland during a major rain and fog storm. This blog will guide you through dealing with weather on your elopement day.

Iceland Engagement Session

Iceland Engagement Session

Check out this Iceland engagement session at a stunning campsite near Vík! Stefanía and Jóhann have the most beautiful proposal, all the details here!

Taking Van Life Internationally - ICELAND

Taking Van Life Internationally - ICELAND

A four day road trip around Iceland as told by and adventure elopement photographer. From exploring hot springs to scouting places to elope this blog post is packed with tips and tricks for your own Iceland adventure.

Hey, it's me...!

Sedona Elopement Photographer & Wedding Dress Rental

Hi there, I am Traci! While I have been blogging my work for over a year now I have not properly introduced myself, so lets do that! :)

Arizona Destination Wedding Photographer

Me the Photographer...

My passion is adventure elopements and in home sessions. I love photographing elopements! There is something so amazing that happens when you get to be outside in the wilderness, in places that take your breath away, for that special moment of intimacy. I love to connect with couples and see their strong rooted love in front of my lens, everything feels so raw and real. This gives me the freedom to be really creative and produce imagery for them to have as fine art prints on their walls that they will cherish forever.

I try not to ever limit myself! I also photograph golf, portraits, senior portraits, maternity, boudoir, and intimate weddings. I officially opened my business this past Feb. after moving from FL to AZ, but I have been doing photography for over nine years. I have a BFA from UNCG and got my 'masters' from working with Montana Pritchard Photography. You may be asking why go from being on a commercial photo team and photographing huge golf tournaments to shooting adventure elopements and lifestyle shoots? Well that is simple, a lot of my work stems from my beliefs. I strongly believe that couples should have the wedding day they want, no matter what that means to them. Couples can have their dream wedding without all the wedding drama and without spending a down payment on a house.I find it truly inspiring to watch couples hike together on their wedding day and share the most intimate day of their lives together, just the two of them. This is no different than me believing in women doing boudoir sessions, which I have found leave them feeling sexy, peaceful, and empowered. I am also a huge advocate for having art on your walls, especially art that means something to you. I find that elopements and adventure sessions are a fantastic way to do this. Nothing warms my heart more than a client ordering a huge print for their walls. I like to explain my style as earthy, dramatic and artistic. Outside of photography I offer complimentary planning sessions for my couple's elopement, designer wedding dress rentals to my brides and I am an ordained officiant!



Arizona Based Adventure Elopement Photographer

..but who is Traci Edwards??

I was raised in a very small town in North Carolina, but I have now lived in five states and traveled all over! Texas is my second favorite state I have lived in so far and probably because of its amazing horse culture. I have a passion for travel and exploring new places. I also really enjoy a good cocktail and a chef's choice meal where ever I go. I have you covered on any Mezcal recommendations or a good plate of duck. Outside of camping, hiking, and eating, I am a cat mom to Indy & Sophie, who also hike! I spend my spare time not on the trail volunteering with animals, riding horses, reading a mystery or business book and planning my next trip. Besides photography my background in the arts goes from dance, printmaking, and theater. I am extremely passionate about doing things to your own beat, mental health, understanding other cultures and strong relationships!

Three random facts:

- I have always wanted to hug a cow

- My speciality is dark chocolate fudge brownies with peanut butter chips

- My dream dog is a German Shepherd



Iceland Elopement Photographer

The Places...

My first adventure elopement was in Iceland back in December of 2017. It is now my career goal to photograph an elopement in Iceland each year <3

 Besides Iceland some of my favorite places I have been to are Australia, Washington, Oregon, London, California and of course Arizona (hello, I moved here I loved it so much!). Photographing elopements is a passion that is just as strong as my passion to travel and hike. I can never plan a trip without wanting to also photograph a couple, it's not work it's my natural desire. 

Here are some of the places I am currently dying to go explore:

- Banff

- Grand Tetons

- Yosmite

- Greenland

- Scotland

- Mt. Rainer (I am not sure how it is possibly that I've been to Washington four times and not hiked here)

- Valley of Fire

- Moab

Places I have already been and highly recommend visiting or eloping at: Joshua Tree National Park, Olympic National Forest, Big Sur, Top Secret Private Family owned farm in NC, Vik, Smith Rock, Anacortes, Micanopy, San Fran, Sparks Lake and a few less traveled places in Arizona!

Tell me where you want to go in the comments!!

Adventure Elopement Photographer - Grand Canyon

I am here to answer your questions! Any thing from work to personal, just drop them in the comments!

Special thanks for the behind the scenes photos to: Jennifer Lynn, Drone Dreamers and Brooke Magee.

Southern California Elopement Photographer




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iceland photography book

There is something beautiful about discovery.

Standing in the cold windy night waiting for the northern lights for hours thinking 'Am I going to see them tonight?' It is such a rush of a feeling. Even though I did not see them sitting there freezing and watching the light of the lighthouse and listening to the waves break in the night is such a raw experience. Wondering if I am going to make it off of the closed road alive only to come over the hill and see the largest lake in Iceland at day break took my breath away and gave me that extra push to just go. Stopping in the rain to see a horse that's full of curiosity of my camera making me laugh out loud while completely alone. The worst of a weather day adventuring to the secret lagoon and never wanting to get out because the warmth engulfed me. These are all things that will truly stick with me from this trip. It is so hard to explain all the experiences and how they make you take a step back and just say 'wow.'

So, I went to Iceland, kind of on a whim! I personally do not feel that there are words that can describe this magical winter wonderland. It was truly an experience I will never forget from the scariest moment of my life accidentally driving on a closed mountain road to a romantic dinner for one followed by wine and listening to poetry in Icelandic at the hostel. For a couple of years now I have taken an "end of year self-trip" where just me in my lonesome go somewhere new and experience life while reflecting on life back home, and never in a fancy hotel or on a tour guide express, but always (pretty much) phone-less. I must say that this trip was a little overwhelming being my first trip alone to a different country and I am so glad I did it! I think this was one of the most humbling experiences of my life for a huge list of reasons. I encourage anyone and everyone to visit this gem. If you're not a strong-hearted soul maybe do not visit in the winter the icy roads, sidewalks, short daylight hours and intense wind gusts can be intimidating :)

I have to give a huge shout out to Jon, who runs the Norður-Hvammur farm in Vik. The Southern part of Iceland was for sure my favorite and I wish I could have spent more time there. Part of the reason I enjoyed it so much was the amazing breakfast provided, fantastic suggestions on what to do during my time and of course all of the farm animals that I got to spend time with and photograph. If you ever get the chance to visit please book here.

Please enjoy the imagery. You can click on the images to make them larger and scroll through. If you scroll down you can also see how to purchase my book or prints!

You can purchase a book of the Icelandic winter landscapes through the links below. Each book is a little different. One book is a small square with many images for the shopper on a budget and one book is large with beautiful lay flat pages. 

vetur - small book                            vetur - larger book

Don't want a book, but still would like to have one of the images? I will be offering for a very limited time the option to purchase a print of some of the selected images. You can visit the link below to order your prints which will be shipped directly to your door. 


If you ever want to sit with coffee and chat about my trip or get advice for planning your own Iceland trip let me know, I would be more than happy to do so!

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Winter Iceland Elopement | Western Iceland Snowy Elopement

Wedding Rings on a Glacier

Iceland Winter Destination Wedding photographed by Iceland Elopement Photographer - Traci Edwards

Pink Iceland put me in paths with this beautiful couple to photograph their snowy I do's in the stunning countryside of Iceland. There are many things I truly love about intimate weddings and this wedding embodied about all of them. The excitement for the day that you get to share closely with a few people that are dear to you, the freedom to do what you want when you want, the amazing locations you can choose to have photographs made and of course the meaningfulness. The Youngs decided to get married in Iceland because that was the first trip they went on as a couple. I find this to add even more to such a special day and I was so glad to be apart of it!

Iceland Elopement Photographer
Love is not about staring at each other, but staring off in the same direction
— Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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