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North Carolina Cabin Engagement Session

Meet Myriah and Cody, high school sweethearts from Belews Creek, North Carolina! These two are set to marry next November in the cutest white barn in Booneville, NC! When your “little sister” calls you to say she’s engaged you get right to planning with her the perfect engagement session! Myriah wanted to shoot in a location that no one else had shot at before. I had the perfect spot! We grew up camping together on my family farm, Big Rock. So I said let’s go to big rock and shoot your engagement session at the cabin! We set the date for the session in hopes for beautiful fall leaves, but the hurricanes brought other plans to North Carolina. I packed the gear and flew in super excited for the next day of going to a place that held so many memories and getting to photograph my oldest friend with the love of her life. We ventured out through the tall grass keeping an eye out for the bull that was said to be in the pasture. We are lucky the hurricanes didn’t leave too much damage on the farm except for higher, muddy water. It was a beautiful engagement session filled with laughter and excitement, which I am sure we will see a lot more of on their intimate wedding day!

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Cabin Engagement Session - North Carolina Elopement Session
North Carolina Engagement Session

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Recently I had the privilege to visit my home state, North Carolina. I love every chance I get to photograph a North Carolinian's special day; it holds a dear place in my heart. On this trip home I photographed Trey and Mackenzie Hocutt's celebration of their love alongside Kayli LaFon. It was a beautiful early fall day filled with laughter and happiness in Thomasville, North Carolina. I was touched by the details, family involvement and their deep rooted love story.

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"I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you."

the first dance

Devri Strong

Meet Devri! One of the cutest little girls who is ready for life, has a love of puppies and will give you the biggest smile for a chocolate chip cookie. Devri has a brain tumor and is scheduled for surgery November 13th. Your thoughts and prayers for Miss Devri are greatly appreciated by her friends and family. This is a risky surgery, but Devri is strong and has such an amazing support system behind her we know she will get through this and move on to great things in her life. To stay updated on her story or purchase a Team Devri shirt to help support her medical care please click here

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"Fear Not,

for I am the one who helps you." - Isaiah 41:13


Front Porch Looking In...

Siblings Family Portrait in King, NC

In home sessions, do not always have to be in home...

This family's home is absolutely stunning, so an in home mini session was a must! I love all of the wood detail behind them and life happening through the windows. What a sweet touch to add their great grandmother's blanket for a image of all of the kids together?! In home sessions can be so meaningful and they do not have to be too elaborate to create a beautiful image.

Siblings Portrait with great Grandmother's blanket


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Three's company...


My session with the beautiful Nagle family was full of love and laughter. We photographed in front of the Körner's Folly house built in 1880 in Kernersville, North Carolina. When choosing a location I love having a place that gives the option of style, showing placement, but also something clean. I always try to keep family session's organic to show the true emotion and family dynamics. I think we nailed it on this one!

Family Portrait Photographer NC

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Family Matters

In light of Hurricane Harvey destroying a city so precious to me, Houston, and Hurricane Irma threatening the town I currently reside in, West Palm Beach, I felt the need to share something....

Family Portraits are SO important!

As I packed my belongings to evacuate West Palm Beach I did not know exactly what I wanted to take just in case I was to lose everything. The only item I grabbed from my house other than necessities was my grandmother's old lunch box because it holds all my old family's photos. While there are no photos of us all together they are moments we can not get back. Driving up to Georgia, I was thinking about how I need more images of my family. I wondered why we never take any and thought about the family sessions I had photographed and realized people need to know that...

You do NOT need a special reason to take family portraits!

As your life goes on your family changes, people grow up and some grow older. You never know what is to happen in life. It is important to take the time together and freeze a moment in time and that you can always have on your walls or in your hands; there to share with future family members.

Southern Ties


I am very excited to announce that I will be running a special for the next year for any North Carolina weddings booked. In case you are just now checking in, I am currently based in West Palm Beach, but I call Carolina home. I am now booking weddings for August 2017 - August 2018 and for any North Carolina weddings booked there will be no travel charge and I will be offering a free wedding album. I look very forward to being able to provide beautiful imagery for my fellow North Carolinians during their special day!

Down by the Lake

Let me introduce Sade, a model I have worked with on many shoots in North Carolina! She is one of my favorite models to shoot with and this shoot illustrates those reasons perfectly. By the lake we were at we saw a kayak and went for it; which is part of the reason I love shooting with Sade, she is always ready for whatever crazy idea I hand her. We shot right before noon which means our light was pretty harsh. I positioned our shot under a tree which acted as a gobo. In very pose Sade hit her face was in the light helping create this dreamy yet dramatic look I had in mind. Besides her excellence in modeling Sade is simply an amazing soul and brings character to each set. While life has moved us both in different directions, I hope we get to shoot together again soon.