Best Colorado Elopement Locations


Colorado Elopement Locations - Adventure Elopement Photographer


Hey it is me!! I am headed to Colorado for most of June. I will be there June 1st-21st. Since I am headed to the area I thought I would share with you all some tips about eloping in Colorado and the some of the best places to elope in the state! If you would like to book your elopement or adventure couples session in the area reach out!


Location: Rocky Mountain National Park

An elopement location that will make you feel like you are on top of the world. With over 400 acres the park will have you surrounded by nature for your vows. The park does require a paid permit to get married here and must be obtained 7 days prior to your elopement. Their website has great information to help you plan your perfect day here, check it out here.

Colorado Elopement Tip: The state of Colorado does not require an officiant or any witnesses to legally get married. This means you can have the most private wedding ceremony possible. No fuss, no hassle. You and your partner must apply for a marriage license in person at the County Clerk's prior to your elopement day with proper ID. After the ceremony you must mail back the certificate within a certain amount of days.


Location: Bridal Veil Falls

This beautiful waterfall is located not far outside of Telluride. It is the tallest free standing waterfall in the state and a dreamy place to elope. Not to mention that the fall is surrounded by epic views, water and those tall, tall trees. This is also a great location if you are wanting to go off road in a 4x4 as apart of your adventure elopement day!

Colorado Elopement Tip: This is one of those states that the time of year you choose to elope is super important. To catch the amazing wild flowers and more spring weather in Colorado you want to elope towards the end of April and/or May. Colorado is a super ideal summer elopement location with the temperatures rarely reaching past 80 degrees. The fall is a great time to go if you want to see those stunning Aspen yellow leaves. Just keep in mind the winters are harsh and long. Many locations may not be an option due to closed roads or dangerous conditions. Be sure to do your research before selecting an elopement date in Colorado!


Location: Maroon Bells

This popular location is located just outside of Aspen, Colorado. You can expect to see many visitors here during peak season, so it is best to elope here on a weekday at sunrise. The views are spectacular with 14,000 foot peaks surrounding you. The road up to Maroon Bells is closed in the Winter, so keep that in mind for sure.

Colorado Elopement Tip: If you are traveling to Colorado for your elopement and you have not been in high altitudes much previously or recently you may want to prep for Altitude Sickness. The best way to prevent getting this is by letting your body adjust to the change in oxygen. Arrive a day early to your location and take your hiking slow. You can also use a acetazolamide medication to help if you start to feel any of its symtoms. I know it’s not the dreamiest thing to discuss, but you want to feel your BEST for your best day ever so it is good to prep!


Location: Pikes Peak

This location is located near Colorado Springs and can be seen from the Garden of Gods (also a great Colorado elopement location)! If you are looking for an epic hiking or back-packing elopement you may want to check out Barr Trail to the peak.

Colorado Elopement Tip: Colorado is one of those expansive places that just blows my mind. It is full of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and so much more!! If you choose to elope here take your time exploring your options to select a location. This is just a short list of some really great options to elope at in the state. Think about what you want your day to be like, what are of the state you want to be in and go from there. Always communicate with your photographer for any assistance in planning.


Location: Great Sand Dunes National Park

I always think of epic adventure when I think about Sand Dunes and this is the top of the mark for United States sand dunes! The fun you will have romping around the desert like sand or taking a driving adventure through the landscape. The National Park’s site has everything you need to know about eloping here and you check it out at this link.

Other great locations to elope at in Colorado:

Sapphire Point - Located just outside of Breckenrdige, Colorado this location offers great lake and mountain views.

Loveland Pass - With endless views this is a stunner of a location. Note this area gets lots of snow during the winter!! It is located close to Denver and Frisco and is a big skiing location.

Indian Peak Wilderness - This is a huge area within the Central Colorado area. It is home to Crater lake and Monarch lake with lots of trails and views.

I hope this short guide was helpful to you in selecting a location to elope, or have an adventure session at or just find places to explore in Colorado. The state is truly full of stunning places, this list just scratches the surface!! Feel free to drop some of your favorite places in Colorado in the comments below!