Colorado Springs Adventure Couple's Session


Hannah & Wade’s Adventure Session

How to completely rock your couples session! - Adventure Elopement Photographer


I met up with Hannah and Wade while in Colorado Springs for a couple’s adventure session! They met in Greenville, North Carolina, which is where I went to college my first two years! Small world right?? Wade is orginially from Colorado and in the process of moving back. Hannah was in Colorado for the first time on a visit to see Wade and determine wither not she wanted to move with him to the mountain state. I am so excited for these two and the journey that lays ahead for them! They are in a whole new stage of beginnings together and fresh starts. I think it is so great that they got to have this moment captured and can treasure it and look back on it forever. I enjoyed chatting with them about the things they had seen and done since Hannah had arrived in town, the things Wade was excited about to be moving back to Colorado and chat with Hannah about my experience moving away from North Carolina and compare it to all the thoughts she was having about leaving. We met at a local park in the springs and photographed around sunset at the waterfall and took a short hike up the mountain for some more fun shots. Their love is Tso sweet and kind heart-ed towards each other. They completely crushed their session, if you are looking for tips and inspiration on total nailing your session keep scrolling!


Turn off the nerves and turn on the adventure!

As an elopement photographer I hear often “we are so nervous to have our pictures taken” or “we are so awkward in front of the camera.” ME TOO!!! I am the most awkward in front of a camera and I am a photographer, so I totally feel you. I am here to tell you though, photo sessions are SO much fun! I want to share with you some thoughts, tips and advice to help you conquer your session!

  • First things first! It is important to know what type of experience to expect. This depends a lot on which photographer you hire. Every experience is different with each photographer, location and type of session. Here is a blog post you can read about the experience of an adventure session and here is a blog post you can read about the experience of an elopement with me.

  • Get to know your photographer before or during the session. This makes it feel like you are just hanging out with another person and less like stranger-danger with a camera! I am a little shy and I know that I always feel way more comfortable, have way more fun and smile way more when photographers I know are capturing my photo.

  • Nothing brings out confidence like when you feel like you look good! Pick an outfit you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel BOMB! Here is a Pinterest board I send to all of my couples for inspiration, but this does not mean that it is what you have to show up in. Be true to yourself and your style.

  • Prep for you session by knowing the location so you are on time and not stressed, drink lots of water prior so you are not dehydrated, get rest the day before so you are not exhausted and never come to your session while in the mist of an argument!

  • You do not need anything else to worry about, so get your hair and make up done! It is totally worth it. It is less for you to worry about and you get to feel pampered and relaxed before your session.

  • HAVE FUN! This is my top suggestion for killing your couple session. Yes, it is a photo shoot, but really it’s just like an extra special date! Be yourself, be with your partner and enjoy the hike, picnic, park or whatever else you may be doing on your session. Being your natural self with your partner makes for the best photos. Forget the camera is there and just spend the day together.


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