Desert Light

Arizona was essentially my test run for my California trip. After a week long work trip, I had the opportunity to stay a couple of extra days to camp in the desert and hike the Grand Canyon. During my time there, I planned a small shoot with a local model. Based on all of my previous travels and the many places that I have lived, I thought it would be a walk in the park to do this shoot. I didn’t have any worries, however, I quickly learned otherwise. I am so glad I did a test run before my big trip! There is no way it would have gone as smoothly without this experience. I learned three things in Arizona; first, that being at your location an hour before the shoot is not enough time to scout when you have never been to the area. Secondly, it could be easier to shoot somewhere the model has previously been as long as you’re not forfeiting your vision. Last, but not least, water is essential to your day! Arizona is so beautiful and I can’t wait to be there again this year to shoot in a few other places. Cacti and desert sunsets are my dream backgrounds!

Model: Tori Nikitin 

Horse Model: Cave Creek Trail Rides

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