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Hey! So I am headed back to the desert soon for the season! I am beyond excited to be back in Arizona, Joshua Tree and southern Utah. As I prep for heading back to the southwest I will be sharing with you all lots of tips and helpful information when it comes to eloping here in the desert! Firstly, I wanted to introduce you all to one of my favorite elopement vendors in Arizona! Lauren is a designer based in Phoenix and always my go to when working with a new couple. I love to give couples the chance to read their vows to each other from something other than their phone and the chance to frame those very special words later with a photo from their elopement day.



Hello! I’m Lauren of Lauren Yvonne Design. I’m an invitation designer local to Phoenix, AZ. I’m so happy you found this blog post about wedding vow keepsakes on Traci’s website. I LOVE creating one-of-a-kind wedding invitations and mementos that will preserve the wonderful memories of your big day. I am so happy that Traci asked me to talk about preserving your wedding vows. I know many of you are looking for something that is a tangible memory from your wedding, and I think vow keepsakes are the perfect way to preserve words from the heart. I’m often asked what my favorite wedding vow keepsakes are. Since I’m partial to paper, I often suggest handmade vow books or printed vow cards that can be framed. Personalized vows are as unique as you are, and I don’t think there is a better way to remember your wedding than your own promises written in a pretty book or framed on a wall. Let’s take a look at my two favorite vow keepsake options and the paper they’re printed on.

Keepsake Vow Books

Vow books have grown in popularity over the last several years and are offered in a wide range of materials. They’re usually around 4”x6” and have blank pages that you write your own vows on. My favorite style is a little rustic with a silk ribbon or natural twine and a pop of gold thread. I love deckled edges and cotton paper is the best option for this as it tears nicely. Most vow books I offer can be personalized with your names and wedding date and they match wedding invitation or elopement announcement styles I have in my online shop. If you prefer something a little more custom, I am happy to discuss your wishes.

Keepsake Vow Prints

Vow prints are another way to preserve vows for your many happy years to come. They come in a wide range of sizes, but my favorite size is also one that you can take right with you to your ceremony. With these, your vows are pre-printed on the cards or hand-written in calligraphy. They’re usually about 5”x7” or 6”x9” and printed on cotton or other paper. I love adding hand-torn edges and gold leaf for an extra special touch.

Cotton Paper

There are so many materials for keepsake vow books and prints on the market you’re probably wondering what my favorite is? It’s cotton. 100% Cotton paper is a wonderful tree free option with a beautiful “feel” in your hands. It will last for many years without any deterioration. Its strength and durability are superior to wood pulp paper. Cotton paper absorbs ink and toner better than wood pulp paper and has a lovely texture like cold press watercolor paper.

I really hope you enjoyed learning a little about how you can preserve your wedding vows. I would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions you have. Just drop me an email at hello@laurenyvonnedesign.com

Have a great day! ~Lauren

Working with Lauren is always a pleasure. She listens to my couple’s needs and style desires. Her work is so beautiful! Your vows are one of the most important things on your elopement day and I feel that they deserve that attention. They are the words that hold your marriage together. My favorite vow design she has done that I have gotten to photograph is from this Joshua Tree elopement because they can be framed in tri-frame and placed in your home as a constant reminder of why you got married and what you promised each other on that day. If you would like to follow Lauren on Instagram here is her page.

Photographing elopements is not all that I do as elopement photographer. I really enjoy helping my couples plan their elopement from finding the perfect location fit for their love, organizing the day, but also putting them in touch with the right creatives and experts in the industry for all of their other needs on their elopement day.