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There is something extremely special about Joshua Tree. Since the first time I ever heard of Joshua Tree it became this magical place for me. Every time I go there I am in awe. If you have ever been there you may also find that is has this sense of peace, the light shining golden through the Joshua Trees and this ongoing land ready for adventure. Joshua Tree is a perfect spot for an elopement or intimate wedding.

Bringing a little bit of Phoenix to Joshua Tree I was able to put together this styled elopement to give all of you couples planning your big day or thinking of eloping here some ideas! Jax and Octavio got ready at this beautiful Airbnb where we were also able to relax and spend sometime the following day. Yes, I woke up to them practicing with their bow and arrows in the back yard! Joshua Tree has an abundance of perfectly styled Airbnb’s, just always remember to ask permission to photograph within the Airbnb if you are going to get ready there for your elopement. The written vows really had me here! I think it is so romantic to have the vows written out to save for later. These would look perfect framed with a print from their elopement! After everyone was ready and had spent a little time soaking everything in we headed for the park! Joshua Tree is never a disappointment and always takes my breathe away, especially with these two love birds wandering around in it! From dancing in the sun completely alone, wandering the desert and sharing kisses Joshua Tree really allows for intimate moments even though it is a popular National Park.

We ended the evening at sunset with champagne and delicious pop tarts in the shape of Arizona at the peak of the park. After relaxing back at the Airbnb we returned later in the night for some romantic star images by the Joshua Trees. I hope that these images can spark your ideas in planning your own elopement! Remember all elopements and weddings are different, because each couple is different. Feel free to explore ideas and possibilities for you to have the BEST day ever!

Arizona Elopement Photographer - Joshua Tree Airbnb
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Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer
Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer
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