Natural Coexistence - Joshua Tree

By now I am sure that most of you are wondering what Natural Coexistence is really all about. I will save you all the details, but if you want more information after this post please read my artist statement and/or contact me. This series is all about breaking the barriers of everything between us as humans and the Earth that supports us. While photographing the series, seeing the people that pose for the images in their most vulnerable state and embracing it has also meant a lot to me.

Recently I had the oppurtunity to show a few of the pieces from the series, that were shot in Joshua Tree, in the Modern Show at Studio 1608. Below are the images that were in the show. If you would like to see the work in person the closing of the show will be the evening of April 22nd at 1608 S Dixie Hwy in West Palm Beach, FL.