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If you follow my blog you know that I am an avid cheer-leader for skipping the big wedding and having an elopement or adventure elopement instead, but when a fellow photog friend asked if I would shoot this beautiful backyard wedding for her I hopped on board! From elopements with just the couple to intimate weddings with 25-65 guests I LOVE helping couples document their day and creating beautiful images for them to look back on, share with their kids and hang on their walls forever. Nikki & Keith had many loving family moments, perfect DIY details and a wedding day that was truly them.

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Check out all the DIY details that Nikki sprinkled throughout her ceremony! Everything was so well thought out and really gave the space a romantic feel. As a guest to the family I could definitely feel the love that this family has bonding them together through all the personal touches.

In this house we do REAL mistakes, we do I’m SORRY, we do FUN, we do hugs, we do second chances, we do happy, we do forgiveness, we do really LOUD, we do family, we do LOVE.

Their ceremony wasn’t just the joining of two people, but truly about blending a family. I love the special moments that they had with their kids and special touches from other people in the family that have helped support them throughout their relationship already. During the ceremony you could just feel all the support they have from everyone there and how much having their guests there to be apart of this day meant to them. I also think it is so kind of a family member to open up their home for you to be able to have your wedding there! You will also have a memory of that and go back to be able to visit the place that you tied the knot.

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It is always important to me when working with a client to create images that show emotion and the bond that the two have. It’s also always a priority for me to have creative images for the clients that will be awesome ‘wall pieces’ that are artistic and a celebration from the day. I love that with backyard weddings I still get that freedom to create for my clients just like my adventure elopement clients.

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This wedding was photographed for Ashly Arts.