Marissa & Michael's Salt River Elopement


Arizona Salt River Elopement

Sedona Elopement Photographer - Traci Edwards


Marissa and Michael reached out to me on a Sunday and they eloped that coming Friday at the Salt River just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. So, if you are wondering, epic-ness can happen within one week! They eloped with just their two pups, a Border Collie named Pebble and a German Shepherd named Rock, their uncle, the officiant and myself present. They planned everything within that amount of time and were able to get married in a beautiful place with just the two of them and afterwards enjoy the rest of their wedding night at a steakhouse in Scottsdale. These Illinois natives decided to elope at the Salt River because they just wanted to be married in a beautiful place in nature where they didn't have to hike to get the epic views. Marissa had heard about all the wild horses at the Salt River and really wanted to see one during their first time there and wedding day. I met with them at Coon Bluff to start because I knew that would be our best chance of seeing the wild horses. We were able to see for wild horses! The pups have never seen horses and got really excited about these new tall four legged creatures. We played hide and seek with the horses (at a safe, respectable distance) for a little bit and took photo’s at Coon Bluff before we headed to the Butcher Jones trailhead area for them to select the exact spot they wanted to say their vows to each other.

For the ceremony their Uncle joined us and was able to facetime in Michael's mother and father for the ceremony and a toast afterwards. They kept their ceremony short and sweet, sharing more personal moments together at sunset for photos at a different location. After the ceremony everyone present and watching through FaceTime shared a toast. They celebrated with a bottle of Veuve Clicquout, because they had always heard that it was the best champagne for a big celebration. They were not disappointed! After all the paper work was signed we headed to catch the last bit of the sunset at what I call the “jetting rocks of the Salt River.” They had fun popping another bottle of champagne for photos and took some time to share some sentimental words and be in the moment as husband and wife before heading off to their wedding night dinner.

I asked them during their elopement why they chose to elope and plan it in a shorter time frame. Marissa explained to me after losing a family member they just decided why wait, they knew they loved each other and wanted to be together forever. They just realized every day is precious and there was no reason to wait and plan a huge wedding when they could be husband and wife today. They've been engaged for a little over a year, ready to make the commitment. Michael proposed Marissa in their home after sharing with her all of the reasons he loved her and wanted to share his life with her. They also felt like eloping was a better way for them to get married, they didn’t want the pressure of saying their vows in front of a bunch of people. They had a beautiful day and an absolutely stunning sunset to share their wedding day together. We pretty much had the lake access to ourselves which is almost unheard of at the Salt River. It just could not have gone any better and I'm super excited for them!! I’m so happy to have been a part of this and witness their goofy, fun love they share with each other. Marissa and Michael are the first couple that I have also been a witness for and I couldn't be happier that it was for them two!! It means so much to me that they trusted me in helping plan their elopement in a short time frame, trusted me for their photos for the day and liked me enough to have me sign their wedding documents ;) Cheers my friends! Congrats and wishing you many, many champagne anniversaries at the Salt River.


Hey! Me here :) If you are looking to elope in Arizona I would love to help you in your planning and be there to capture the day. I also count as a witness, if needed ;)