San Francisco

San Francisco, the first stop on my weeklong adventure in California! Although I booked my flight, my stay, and my models, I often wonder how I ended up on Baker Beach. Getting to California is a story for another time; this particular blog post is here to welcome you back into my world. A world filled with vintage love, strong women, creative souls, somewhat strange imagery, travels, life stories, and ultimately my journey through a photography driven life.

While spending just a short time in this city full of color, expression, beautiful lines, and vintage vibes, I had to photograph near the Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted to create a vision of a heroine that was slightly offbeat, but bold enough to be juxtaposed against the structure of the bridge. The graphic 1960's inspired shades, dynamic poses, bold black statement pieces, iconic background, and obscure points of view help to create the mood of the images.

In the year of 1937, when the Golden Gate Bridge opened, women were feeling a small push towards their rights. By the 1960's, women were starting to gain the rights and salaries that they deserved, but still had a long way to go. These images remind me of the women of the 1960's and those of our generation that are now working towards bringing women together to take a stand. These are women that are moving forward and coming into their own with class at the beat of their own drum. The images with two women together speak the strongest to me. They exemplify women’s relationships with each other, whether it be sisterhood, friendship or mentorship.

Check back every Wednesday for a new blog post. I am very excited to share with you the rest of my time in California and many other shoots to come!