Sedona Adventure Engagement Session


Adventure Engagement Session - Sedona Adventure Photographer

Meet Kasey and Hayden! Phoenix locals that drove up to Sedona for their adventure engagement session. It had been an interesting week in Sedona where the weather forecast was changing drastically every fifteen minutes. We stuck to our plan with our fingers crossed in hope that the weather would clear up from the severe storms rolling down the state of Arizona. It turned out that we really did want some of that rain because where we were shooting the session has these little pool pods that reflect Cathedral Rock.

Kasey & Hayden gave me full location choice freedom. I knew I they did not want to go on a huge hike and I knew I wanted to go to a new spot for me in the area. I had seen photos of this stunning spot all over Instagram and other places, but no one online or in the area could tell me how to get to this gem of a spot. Cathedral Rock is a place and trial that I am super drawn to and I am always some how finding myself at it while in Sedona so I just new we had to find this spot. With great research in the Arizona Hiking community I found the general one mile radius that the trial head would be. We met at Crescent Moon Picnic area, which within itself is a stunning location for an elopement, engagement session or to just cool off by the creek. With a tip from the park ranger we were able to find the trail head! We set out on a easy, beautiful hike to the top plateau of the rock. We got to the end of the trail and saw there are three other trails that go to the same place!! I’m not sure how this spot is so secret!!!

As they put on their shoes I looked around us to see how the weather was looking. We got super lucky and while it was raining all around us we had no rain and a little bit of blue sky. Kasey was ready to go and brave the red rock with her sexy black silhouettes! Let’s just say they didn’t last two long! We enjoyed time getting to know each other during the session since we had the whole place to ourselves. These two are set to marry in a romantic, intimate ceremony in Northern California. They are eloping on a private estate with just a few close friends and family to share the moment. This was their first time in front of the camera and they were super excited to do a test run before their elopement day. They killed their session though and you would never know that they were a little nervous! Towards the end of our session these two were super excited to pop their champagne for the fun spray photo and of course to enjoy the bottle! As I telling them to watch where the cork goes so we follow LNT prinicipals and which way to spray the bottle the bottle popped itself!! Needless to say it was quite a shock! We still got a couple of photos and luckily a bystander saw where the cork had flown! After we were all done with the session we headed back towards the park area as they shared the remaining of their champagne.

Once we got back into the park we passed an older local couple. They stopped and asked us if were attending the wedding happening in the park and we explained no that they were getting married themselves soon. The couple got so excited and were joking around about their relationship! They spoke to us with excitement and telling us about their lives leading up to where they are now. They spoke on how important human touch is and their best advice to the engaged couple was to never stop touching each other. The lady said, “Human touch is magical and so needed.” My couple laughed and smiled and said oh, “We got our touch on today!” I love meeting locals and strangers out in about in these places and during sessions. I love when people are able to connect and share something in these small moments that are so impactful.

This was such a fun session and I am so excited for Kasey and Hayden! They are so sweet with that mellow calm vibe of a couple. I can only imagine how lovely their intimate ceremony will be in California. I wish them the best of luck!!!

If you want to kick it in the desert with me or in the Pacific Northwest this summer for an adventure couples session do not hesitate to reach out!

Traci was phenomenal to work with! My fiancé and I shot our engagement photos with her in Sedona, AZ in May of 2019. She was really helpful in finding us the perfect location for our shoot and even helped me pick out an outfit to go with the shoot location. And best of all... the photos look INCREDIBLE! We are so happy in the quality and variety of shots she captured and my friends and family all have complimented them. She made us feel really comfortable during the shoot and we had so much fun! Amazing experience and we highly recommend her to any couple!
— Kasey