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Page, Arizona Elopement Photographer - Utah Adventure Session

Meet Dottie and Dylan! These two got married a year ago in Phoenix. They got together with me a week ago to do an adventure anniversary session in Northern Arizona. A lot of times I get asked what is an anniversary session, does the couple get dressed back up, are vows read?? An adventure anniversary session is almost just like an adventure elopement except the couple is already married! The couples chooses if they want to jump back into their wedding attire or not and some choose to rent one of my designer gowns. The couple also chooses if they want to reread their vows to each other or read new ones. Sometimes the couple does not want to read vows and I just have them share some quiet moments together remembering their wedding day or sharing memories together from their marriage so far. As an adventure elopement photographer I often run into people just learning what an elopement is and they say “WOW, wish I would have done that!!” Well my friends, in my world it is never too late! There is always a reason to celebrate your love. If you missed out on having an epic experience or having photos that are super wall worthy in big print from your wedding day all you have to do is have an anniversary session!!!

Now, let’s get back to Dottie and Dylan! I am so glad I got to work with these two, they are both so sweet, kind hearted and their love for each other showed throughout the whole day! Dottie wanted to do an anniversary session because when the got married they only had a photographer for two hours. While she loved the images the photographer captured she knew she was missing a lot of memories from her wedding day. So we decided to create some new memories for them and capture some images that she can proudly print to hang on their walls of their brand new home!! We met up with the two of them and two of their closest friends at an Airbnb in Page, Arizona. Throughout the night the desert was graced with a very beautiful snow cover! This changed some of our location plans due to the possibility of roads being impassable, even with off road trucks! We woke up and headed out of the house well before sunrise then hiked out onto a trail in Southern Utah. Even though it was a short hike Dylan carried Dottie’s dress rather than her hiking with it on due to some of the slippery conditions on the trial. If you have ever visited Utah or Arizona during a snowy day then you know the red rocks can get very dicey when wet or covered in snow! If you are hiking in the desert when it snows please note it is best to hike on rocks, the trail or snow. Hike or durable surfaces and hike in single file to create less of an impact. If you would like more tips on how not to impact our lands when explore the desert when it’s snowy please visit the Leave No Trace website. Also, the trails may be covered with snow and not visible, I recommend using the AllTrails app where you can download the trail map and it will track where you are in relation to the actual trail! We got to a beautiful location, which you may recognize just as the sun was peaking! Dottie got into her dress with the help of Dylan and then we ventured around in the snow enjoying the view and this rare snow day! Hiking out was a whole other experience, just in the short time we were shooting the snow had started melting greatly and there was more running water than before. It is always important to wear the right shoes when hiking, but even more important to have shoes with grip when hiking in the desert when it is wet!!

We later went to a second location in Utah to try to do some off-roading. We were stopped short by a rush of water from the melting snow that had created a huge dip we could not pass. There was no way we were going to miss the opportunity to take photos of Dylan and Dottie in their dune buggy, aka rail. These two hauled their rail from Phoenix all the way to Page after all!! As Dylan was prepping the rig, Dottie told me that Dylan had always wanted photos of the two of them in their rail. As Dylan pulled the rail around to pick up Dottie those wishes were so clear! Dylan’s face was lit up and he was smiling ear to ear. You can definitely tell these two have a lot of fun together in their rail when they get to take it out and I was so happy we could capture that for them even if it wasn’t off road! We ended the session on a funny note! Dottie had ordered a veil to match her dress prior to her wedding that was supposed to be three feet long. When the veil arrived it was THIRTY FEET LONG!! She did not wear it for her wedding, but we thought it would be funny to pull it out for a giggles shot of her running with this insanely long veil! After the shoot was all wrapped up we headed back into Page to grab a bite then head back in to Phoenix!

This day was so much fun!! Anniversary session, much like elopements, are supposed to filled with memories and adventure. They are specifically designed to match each couple’s personalities, relationships and wants in a day just for them! It is always an honor to be able to explore with couples and document their love stories. Just remember it is NEVER too late to document yours and have images captured that you would love to hang on the walls of your home. If you are engaged you do not have to have that big wedding, you can elope! For more information or to get in touch please contact me, I would love to connect!


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