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Are Elopements just a Trend?

Are Elopements just a Trend?

An opinion on the topic of trending elopements and wedding ideas. Elopements are not just a fad, but something changing the wedding industry.

Salt River Engagement Session - Andrea & Gabe

Salt River Engagement Session - Andrea & Gabe

If you’re planning an engagement session during travels to a different state or country check out this blog post for helpful tips!

Slot Canyon Elopement

Slot Canyon Elopement

Always dreamed of eloping in the slot canyons of Arizona??! This post lays out everything you need to know about eloping in a slot canyon in Page, Arizona.

Sedona Anniversary Adventure Session

Sedona Anniversary Adventure Session

Amber and Kyle share an emotional one year anniversary session during the ultimate blizzard in Sedona.

Snowy Elopement locations Arizona - Sedona and Payson

Sedona in the Snow - Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona - Sedona Elopement photographer

So it turns out I LOVE the snow!! How about you??

Coming from Texas and Florida for my last four and half years of living I haven’t got to be around the snow much! Who would have thought my first big ‘blizzard’ since college would be in Arizona?!?! No one that’s for sure!

Enough about me though, I want to talk about you two!! So you’re engaged and you’re thinking of eloping! YAY!!! If you’re wanting that winter elopement do not rule out Arizona. Besides being in a state packed with hiking trails, rock climbing locations and endless adventure road trip destinations you probably won’t freeze to death here if you elope in the winter! You can get those snowy views and winter wonderlands at warmer temperatures! You are most likely to find snow in Payson, Flagstaff, Bisbee and the Grand Canyon. It is possible to get snow in Sedona, WIlliams, Prescott, Page and Jerome. My best advice for a couples looking to elope in Arizona during the winter wishing for snow would be to be prepared!! Go ahead and get your marriage license in advance and watch the weather to set a date. Once you have set a date stay flexible and be prepared to change the date for more snowfall, a different location or due to any road blocks.

Payson is a perfect place for a winter elopement or a snowy adventure session!! The drive to Payson from Phoenix takes on a whole new wow factor with the mountains covered in snow!! A lot of the areas to photograph you will pretty much have to yourself minus the few and far between snow mobile drivers. There is just something about all the pines, the sunshine and the snow that scream romance to me. Not to mention the possible sighting of elk! Rim country gets about 20 inches of snow each year so it really is probably the best option next to Flagstaff for that winter wonderland look.

Arizona Winter Elopement locations

If you get to see Sedona graced in snow you are so LUCKY!!! It really is one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in Arizona. Sedona snow fall is more unpredictable, but it does happen more than you would think! These shots were from the recent “blizzard” Sedona had, said to have been the most snow in many years! Low clouds moving through the red rocks with snow covering the trees and cacti is sure to make for a stunning photo background and romantic day together. Eloping in the snow typically sends my mind straight to Iceland, Colorado, Washington or the Grand Tetons. If you’re willing to put in the work with selecting date and being flexible I think Sedona would surpass your wildest imagination!

Snow in Sedona Arizona - sedona elopement packages - sedona elopement photographer

If you’re considering eloping in Arizona please reach out to me! I would love to be apart of your day and document your love story! If you’re thinking of eloping in Arizona during the winter I would love to share more tips with you about planning and accessing great locations for your elopement!

Winter Elopement Locations - Desert Elopements

Bryce Canyon Elopement Photographer

Winter Elopement Locations - Adventure Elopement Photographer based in Phoenix, AZ


Hey it’s me here!

I am here to tell you that Winter is still a perfect time of year for your elopement, just check out all of these desert locations!! I recently ventured off to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks to hike Angel’s Landing and check out other trails for elopements. I was so excited to see this little spot in Bryce that is perfect for a ceremony if you plan to bring a couple of very important people along to witness the vows. Bryce and Zion are still great elopement locations for a winter elopement, the nights are quiet cold, but the day can be warm. Depending on the day you can catch snow in Bryce, which means cold, yes, but BEAUTIFUL! Tis’ the season right??

Heading more South into Arizona, you have Sedona, Grand Canyon, Tuscon and Petrified Forest National Park as great locations during the winter. If you do want snow but not those negative numbers you may get in other states or countries this time of year then Flagstaff and Payson are perfect options. Heading to Southern California I also recommend Joshua Tree for the winter. Once again it can get cold during the night, but after a perfect day who doesn’t want to cuddle up in a cozy Airbnb?

Thinking of eloping this Holiday season or just during the Winter months in general??? Shoot me an email! I would be happy to chat with you! I have availability over the holidays and in the coming months. Need a dress on short notice?? Do not worry, I have you covered. Check out the designer dresses I have for rent for my adventure elopement brides!

Bryce Canyon Elopement Photographer - Winter Elopement Locations

Want to adventure and get married in the most epic winter wonderland???

Iceland Elopement Photographer

Who, What, When, Where and Why of Elopements

Arizona Elopement Photographer - Wild Weddings

Arizona Adventure Elopement Photographer - Sedona Elopement Photographer - Couples that Elope - Engaged Now What

Adventure Elopement Photographer in Arizona

Hey! It’s me here to tell you more about the couple’s that elope!

Recently, I took a trip back home to the East coast. I received lots of questions about why I chose to be an elopement photographer. I also often receive questions here in Arizona about what an elopement is. I find that there is a BIG misconception about elopements and the couples that choose to elope. I often get questions like, aren’t they just running away? Aren’t these couples trying to get married as cheap as possible? Aren’t these just courthouse weddings? Do they even want photos?

The answers to the questions couldn’t be more of no! I find that the couples that are eloping are not running away, but simply choosing a different route to get married. Weddings come with big expectations, lots of planning, lots of eyes on you all day, your entire wedding day is spent with other s and running around fulfilling a plan. For some people this is fantastic and they have always dreamed of this big day. For others, that sounds exhausting and cold. During an adventure elopement the couple gets to spend a lot of quality time together. Vows read in private can be a quick few minutes or an intimate moment cherished. It is private and romantic. They are free to have all their emotions spill out intimately.

I also find that a lot of couples that elope value the photography of their big day just the same if not more than traditional weddings. Elopements allow a lot more freedom in general, but especially for creative images. Elopements are more likely to have more photography in more of a fine art form with grand landscapes. I also, would disagree with most elopement couples taking the cheaper way out. Some couples that elope have already planned an entire large wedding with all the bells and whistles then decide to go a more intimate route. A lot of couples that elope are often traveling to their location. I rarely find that they go any cheaper on the dress, florals or other things. It is most definitely cheaper because there is no venue and you’re not paying to feed 100 guests. There are plus and minuses to the cost, but I would not say cost is a defining factor in the choice to elope.

Now, the big when and where of elopements! Majority of couples that elope you see in grand places like Yosemite and Horseshoe Bend. You may be thinking to yourself, wow I am not an avid hiker and that looks intimidating. Do not let this turn you away from choosing to elope! A lot of elopement photographers have lots of location options ranging from half mile hikes to ten mile hikes to location ranging from easy to hard. Some couples even rock climb to their location! This does not mean that you must do this too. A lot of the couples hike together often, spend lots of time outdoors, but a lot of couples it is less about the outdoors and more about the intimacy. The when and where is where it is super important in choosing an elopement photographer and communicating with them a lot to ensure a day that is perfect for you!

The overall take away about couples that elope and choosing to elope is that it is a day for you and your partner, just you two or a few select people super important to your partnership. The options are endless to have a day completely your way, where you want, when you want and how you want. Elopements are about adventuring as a couple into life together <3

These are couples just like you, madly in love with each other and the wild. <3

Northern Washington Elopement Photographer - Anacortes ELopement Photographer

Special thanks to Ruthanne for the portrait of myself :)

Payson Elopement Photographer

Thinking of eloping or have more questions about elopements? Connect with me!