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Arizona Adventure Elopement Photographer - 2018 Year in Review

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a year in review…

Welp….this is it, the last day of 2018! I always spend the last few days of the year to review the year and make plans for the new year.

I must say HOLY COW what a year!!!

The first part of the year I prepped for opening business and moving to Arizona. I drove across country with my two cats in my car arriving to my new life on Valentine’s day.

I jumped right in full force, my first week here I photographed an intimate wedding in Northern Phoenix and and in home maternity session. As the year went on I worked on building a portfolio of adventure elopement and anniversary sessions to show clients just some of the amazing options for their wedding day. I met A LOT of new people in the industry and outside of the industry, got to know my new city, did some intense continued education within the industry, determined a style and a brand and traveled a lot. In between it all, I even launched a wedding dress rental program for all of my elopement and intimate wedding brides. The year was BUSY and not at all what I thought it would be, but does anything go as we plan???

If you have ever moved out of state you know that the first year is usually….odd. Lol. It is a year of adjustment, change, learning and reworking relationships. It was not a easy year at all for me emotionally and I must say I am very excited for a new year. I think 2018 was my year of change, growth, grounding and wonder. I am hoping 2019 will be my year of growth, blossoming and success. I am so grateful for the clients I had this year, the new friends I have made here in Arizona, to live somewhere with mountains and for supportive family and friends.

I’m also so blessed to have found the path within photography that I am extremely PASSIONATE about!! Graduating college with a BFA in Photography only 4.5 years ago I had no idea what I was going to do to with it. I knew I liked working with people and helping style photo shoots, but that was it. I went to work for an RV company photographing product to then a studio and golf photography job. While I loved my job and doing the work the all-around passion was missing. I truly think I have found my home in photography and couldn’t be more excited to go into the next year with further knowledge I gained this year to help couples pick a location for the elopement, help them plan, give them tips on awesome local vendors, be able to help them with a wedding dress if they’re eloping on a shorter time frame and document the most special day of their lives.

Cheers, ya’ll to 2019!

2018 Accomplishments:

I consider my first accomplishment of the year to be moving to Phoenix, Arizona. I can tell you first hand it really makes a huge difference to love where you live. Then would come the official launch of my business! I took a leap of faith and went from working at a commercial photography studio that mainly focused on golf to turning my focus to couple’s in the wild and photographing elopements!! I feel so honored to have been featured in my first year of business by Looks Like Film, Wandering Weddings, Tacari Weddings and interviewed by the Phoenix Voyage. I also launched a wedding dress rental program for all of my elopement brides!! I offer designer wedding dresses from size 0-10 that brides can select from without the time lines and stress of shopping at a store, not to mention saving closest space later. Of course, the overall achievement of surviving my first year in business.

Joshua Tree National Park Elopement Photographer -

Locations of 2018:

In 2018 I visited, scouted and photographed at the following locations: Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Anacortes, West Palm Beach, Flagstaff, Sedona, Hanging Rock State Park, South Carolina, Louisville, Southern California Sand Dunes, Arizona Rim Country and Coal Mine Canyon.

Upcoming Travel for 2019:

In 2019 I will be traveling to the following locations for elopements and intimate weddings: Lake Powell, Asheville, North Florida, Sedona and the list is growing. Some places on my travel list for the year not yet scheduled would be Smith Rock, Oregon, Grand Tetons National Park, Yosemite National Park, Colorado, Alaska, Mt. Rainer and of course Iceland (it is always on the list!)

I can’t wait to see where all 2019 takes me!

Flagstaff adventure engagement session - flagstaff elopement photographer - flagstaff couple's session
adventure elopement photographer logo

I am also excited to bring in the new year with a new logo!!

Be on the look out for some big things and new changes on the website. I'm so EXCITED for the new year!

Special thanks to the following folks for helping make 2018 not too shabby for my first year in Arizona: South Mountain Films, AZ Fleuristas, Ruthanne, Lauren Yvonne Design, my PHX ladies hiking group, Ashly, Shane Baker, Everardo, Jen Maclay, I Do Rentals, Platinum Medical Group, the Southwest PGA Section, ALL OF MY AMAZING CLIENTS, all the ladies that modeled my wedding dresses for launch, of course my handsome significant other, Shane Simmons and many more.

Double Exposure Flagstaff Couple's Session

Seattle, Washington Bridal Session

Arizona Wedding Dress Rental

I would go to Seattle just for the Peonies....seriously!

With my Olympic dress in tow to the every beautiful Seattle, Washington I met up with the equally as beautiful Alida for a bridal session. Washington has so much to offer to the couple or bride that is traveling for an elopement or just any photo session! If you're planning to elope anywhere within a 2-4 hour radius the Public Market is fantastic for picking up your own personally bouquet of fresh flowers, I seriously can not get enough of it. And let's talk about all of those killer locations to elope!!! I mean how do you pick just one from the Olympic National Park, Mount Rainer, Rattle Snake Ridge, the coast line or north in Anacortes?? Not to mention all of the close by locations for a dreamy honey moon like Alaska, Oregon or Canada. It may be a rainy day in the PNW, but I can assure you it is worth it and if you get a day like this when the sun is out it will leave you in complete awe.

Seattle Bridal Session - Adventure Elopement Photographer
Adventure Photographer - Seattle, Washington

Arizona Canyons Elopement

Arizona Adventurous Elopement - Wedding in the Canyons

Coal Mine Canyon, Arizona - Elopement - Adventure Elopement Photographer

Two am call times and four hour drives are always worth views like this when spending the day with two love birds! I have had my eye on this location for a while for one of my elopement or adventure anniversary couples and I was so stoked when Amanda and Conner decided to have their session here! I love scouting out the best locations and helping couples plan their elopement. This was my first time at this stunning canyon in Northern Arizona and I must say if you're wanting to elope somewhere private this is definitely the place to do it! Exploring along the rim there are so many great places to say your vows, have a private quiet moment, or do a little slow dance.

I got overly excited about the cows roaming nearby, but then again I always do, and so "starstuck" by all of the views. I can never get enough of watching my clients get excited about where they are too. Amanda was most excited by all of the different rocks along the rim. She would pick them up and stuff them in Connor's pockets or come up to me in pure excitement to show me how different one was from the other. It warms my heart knowing that my couples can have their wedding day be completely their way . They get to explore, see, and do on their own time where ever they would like. Arizona never stops amazing me of all the beautiful places there are to elope. Along our drive up from Phoenix I kept staring in awe of the locations we passed some were fields of dew with elk in them, some were dark sand mountains, and others were pine forested areas and mountains.

Adventure eloping is not the pampered life. You're getting married in hiking boots and your hair and makeup won't stay perfect. Eloping is worth so much more because your whole marriage will be essentially just a mirror of what your elopement is, helping each other through life, protecting each other from the fall, experiencing new things together, and exploring all life has to offer. I also have to give Amanda and Connor major props for conquering their fear of heights along the canyon rim for those gorgeous shots all while reading their vows. I know that they will be able to get through so much more together throughout their lives.

Desert Elopement
Hopi Reservation Elopement

Amanda is wearing the 'Grand Canyon' dress from my designer wedding dress rentals. Check out more here!

Intimate Arizona Wedding Photographer

Learn More about my Adventure Elopement Sessions

The Dresses

Phoenix Elopement Wedding Dress Rental.jpg

I am officially offering Designer Wedding Dress Rentals to my elopement and intimate wedding brides!

This is a project I am extremely passionate about and have been working on for a while now. I am so excited to be able to connect further with my elopement brides on the journey to their big day. As a bride that is eloping I can not imagine spending  thousands of dollars on a designer dress, carrying it around with you on your trip that you elope on or for the rest of your honeymoon and then stuffing it in your closet for the rest of your life. These ten wedding dresses, all renamed after our beautiful National Parks, fit a variety of sizes for many different styles. Some of these dresses you may have already seen in an elopement blog post like the "Kings Canyon" dress at the dunes or the "Zion" dress during the one year anniversary elopement in Sedona. For more information on renting any of the dresses below please visit the rental page. Special thank you to all of the vendors below who were apart of this journey and if you're thinking of eloping in the Arizona area you should definitely check them out!

Material Girls Wedding rental - elopement decor

Vendor highlight - Material Girls Weddings

Are you dreaming of having your elopement styled perfectly or having all the best details at your intimate wedding? If so, you really need to check out Material Girls Weddings. They have a huge selection of anything you could dream to have at your boho, chic or edgy wedding.

Moelleux Events - Florals for Elopement, Arizona

Vendor Highlight - Moelleux Events

Floral arrangements that are truly one of a kind! I can not think of a better florist to use for your desert elopement. Moelleux Events will truly create something that goes perfect with wherever you decide to tie the knot and with the vision you imagine. 

Venue at the Grove Photographer

Vendor Highlight - Venue at the Grove

Having that intimate wedding with a few guests, but haven't found just the right venue? This venue could be just the right fit for that backyard wedding feel with all the amenities. Did I mention they even offer brunch weddings?? Bring on the mimosas!

Fortee Salon Arizona

Vendor Highlight - Fortees Salon

Need hair and make up or just a 'sprucing up' before the big day? Check out my friends at Fortees Salon! Their make-up artist is fantastic and not afraid to head out on location with you if you're eloping! I highly recommend spending the day there for fantastic pampering before any intimate wedding or elopement.

Wedding Dress Rental - Phoenix, Arizona