Top places to Elope in the Pacific Northwest


Where to elope in the Pacific Northwest - Top Elopement Locations in Oregon & Washington

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I think it would be easier to write a blog on where not the elope in the Pacific Northwest, no joke! If you have followed my blog for a long time now you know that my deep love for the outdoors really is rooted in the Pacific Northwest following a camping trip at the Olympic National Park and then was even reassured on a camping trip to Smith Rock State Park outside of Bend, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is truly a special place with its lush tall ever greens, abundance of water falls and stunning coastlines. If you are any sort of adventurer this region of the United States is a gold mine. Not only will it fill your soul from all the adventuring you can do, but there is something about this region that will fill your spirit and heart. I hope that you enjoy this special blog post going over just some of the amazing locations fit for an adventure elopement in Washington & Oregon and tips to follow. If you’re considering eloping in this region and are looking for a photographer that will help you find your perfect spot please reach out! I will be in the Pacific Northwest all of prime season this year, for a full calendar of my travel schedule visit this link.

After reading the blog tell me in the comments where you would elope in the Pacific Northwest!!!


Oregon Elopement Locations


Smith Rock State Park

This park is so beautiful! What more can you ask for over a running stream, jetting rock faces, tons of rock climbing and a trail to the top with a killer view?? If you want more there is! This state park is rested near the Three Sisters, Mt Bachelor and Bend, Oregon. This means there are great places to stay, camp, eat and explore nearby. My favorite memory from this park was watching the eagles feed their young from the campsite! Eloping here will most likely require a permit, but you can easily reach their offices by giving them a call, check out the site here for more information.

PNW Elopement Tip: The Pacific Northwest has so much wild life which can make for exciting encounters during your elopement day. You may see eagles, whales, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, cougars, bears and much more! Safety is important on your day. Remember if you are camping in these regions keep your food in bear stored properly.


Crater Lake

Crater Lake is apart of the National Park system and is Oregon’s only National Park. The best season to visit is June to September, but in the winter if the roads are accessible there are some snow adventures you can partake on. Did you know you can scuba dive here in the summer?! If you are considering eloping here check out this information put out by the National Park Service.

PNW Elopement Tip: So when should you elope in the Pacific Northwest region?? The best time is summer! The months of mid-June - August and possibly early September are going to offer you those perfect 70 degree temperatures. If you’re looking for the Winter wonderland elopement then you can still consider this region, but be sure to do your research on snow fall and road closures.


Cannon Beach - Oregon Coast

Oregon has a coast line that will have you thinking you’re in Iceland or Ireland! Most popular which you have probably seen is the Cannon Beach area. Being a beach I would highly recommend thinking of eloping on a weekday for this location. The great news is this area has lots of places to stay or dine at and isn’t too far from Portland. This area and a lot of the rest of Oregon’s coast is also close to National Forest land.

PNW Elopement Tip: In the state of Oregon you must apply for your marriage license at least three days prior to your elopement. There is a $60 fee for the application, which can be done online. At your ceremony you must have two adult witnesses and an officiant.

Washington Elopement Locations


Mount Rainier

This National Park is an active volcano with many winding rivers and only a short hour drive out of Seattle. Mt. Rainier is known for beautiful wild flowers which depending upon weather the blooming season is typically mid-July to early August. For a guide on how to elope here from the National Park please visit here. You will need to apply for a permit four week prior to your elopement date.

PNW Elopement Tip: Plan extra time to just enjoy!! This region of the United States has so much for adventurers to explore via hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing and more! Outside of enjoying the great outdoors there’s so many local breweries, coffee shops and other neat places you may want to stop at. For example, you can’t go to Seattle and not go to Pike’s Place market. It is a great place to pick up fresh produce, snacks, speak with locals and more. Pro Tip: Go in the early morning!! Extra Pro Tip: Make your own bouquet from the beautiful flowers in the market. You can make a stunning Peonies arrangement or pick up a pre-made bouquet of lavender.


Olympic National Park

Really I could write an entire blog post on where to elope within the Olympic National Park. This is a perfect park for a two day elopement because within this area you can be in the rain forest, the coast or high the snowy mountains! It is by far one of the most beautiful places I have been. A special use permit is required and can be obtained by visiting the parks website. With almost one million acres of land this is a perfect park for super private, intimate vows.

PNW Elopement Tip: If you are eloping in Washington state you will need to apply for your license at least three days in advance in person with your partner. Specific laws vary per county, but you will need two witnesses and an officiant.


Deception Pass State Park

Just outside of the cute little town of Anacortes you will find Deception Pass State Park which runs along the Washington coast. With jaw dropping cliffs and views of the sea you are sure to not be disappointed. It is one of the state’s most visited parks so again, consider holding your elopement on a weekday. Enjoy the day by or on the water exploring! Want to see an elopement from this area, click here!

PNW Elopement Tip: The region is known for its rainfall and while the months I suggested above are the driest months you can still expect some humidity and possibility of rain. Any of the locations along the coastline you for sure want to prep for dampness. For hair be sure to use frizz free products and you could consider doing your hair in a beautiful braid. For make up use waterproof mascara, oil free foundation and a semi-matte lip color.


Great locations not pictured above!