Sedona Hiking Session


Chelsea and Josh Adventure Hiking Session - Sedona

Southwest & Pacific Northwest Elopement Photographer

A mutual full time on the road and photographer friend put me in touch with Chelsea and Josh when we were both in Sedona. It was their first month in their van on the road full time and my first week. Chelsea and Josh were in Sedona coming from Bend, Oregon. Josh does photo and video content for businesses and Chelsea is a yoga instructor. They’re both from California originally and then moved to the Pacific Northwest. They left their house behind, things in storage to hit the road in their Ford 350 van that they built out together with their two huskies. They were full speed ahead in their travel with Betty (the van) and had gone to many places like Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon when I met up with them. Since we met they have gone to Utah and Nevada! I am hoping our paths cross again when I get to Bend, Oregon. We met up at Thunder Mountain in Sedona for a hike with us and their pups. The trial had great views, lots of blooming cacti and we got to see a couple of the vortexes. It was fun chatting about our reasons for going into van life, our goals, what all we have learned and seen so far. We chatted about how the transition has been for our pets. They have two huskies and I have two cats. It’s funny because all the pets get more attention living the van life, but they are in tighter quarters together which causes some behavioral changes between the two.

Josh proposed to Chelsea at a music festival this last year in Austin, Texas. He chose a beautiful moon stone ring for her that seems to match personality perfectly. Since hitting the road wedding planning has not become the main priority, but just living life together has. They imagine getting married in Bend, Oregon with a backyard Airbnb style intimate ceremony. These two are a prime reminder to me of what van life is about, taking your time and going with the flow. Where as I am a planner and planning each night where I am staying and going, they decide as they go. Chelsea has a tattoo that reads “live a little” and I love this small reminder to just get out there and live your life!

I’m for sure looking forward to seeing them and other van life folks at Descend Bend this summer and in Bend! If you’d like to follow along as they journey check out their Instagrams here and here.


Hey its us with our vans!


Hey, its me behind the scenes! Thanks for the photo Josh! I love what I do and I hope that this photo shows you a little piece of what it is like to work with me. I love helping couples begin their married life together with a ceremony best suited for them and their relationship. I do this by helping provide the space for you to be emotional and really connect with your partner on your special day…The day you chose to commit to one another and celebrate your love. I am there every step of the way with you in planning to help you have the best experience possible. Your elopement day is about you and your love. Keep it between the two of you—I’ll just be there to capture it.