Lake Powell Couple's Session - What to Wear to an Adventure Session


Lake Powell Adventure Couple’s Session - What to Wear to an Adventure Session

Page, Arizona Elopement Photographer

Meet Kelsey and Joseph! Kelsey herself is a photographer and owner of Whispering Daisy Photography currently based out of Washington. Her, Joseph and their four kids recently packed up their lives into an RV and headed to the Pacific Northwest for new adventures. What a great way to say ‘see you later Arizona’ with a couple’s session at the ever beautiful Lake Powell!?! Believe it or not it was actually a super chilly and windy day in the desert. Kelsey showed up all smiles ear to ear and Joseph ready and excited to hold her in his arms and fetch her hat whenever the wind would decide to take it. Being off season it was a super quiet and peaceful day at the lake to give these two some alone time to enjoy their session and each other. These two are just one of those couples you just can’t help but smile while you photograph them and listen to their laughter. Prior to the session Kelsey was very excited about having the perfect outfit and boy, oh boy did they show up in the BEST outfit for their session. Read a littler further into the blog for tips on what to wear to an adventure session!


What to wear to an ADVENTURE SESSION?!

When you get engaged and schedule your engagement session one of the first things you do is head to Pinterest to look up outfit ideas. Typically you can find things that really spark your attention and give a great idea. Is the same true for an adventure session??? Well first let’s chat about what exactly an adventure session is! My adventure sessions are usually with engaged couples, couples visiting an epic place for the first time or a place that is dear to their heart or sometimes it’s an anniversary session. While it is a couple being photographed to capture their love we are also typically doing a hike or some other adventurous activity like kayaking, bike riding, hang gliding or whatever else gets your heart pumping. So what in the world do you wear to keep yourself comfortable, mobile, but also photo ready?! Below are a few tips!

  • Wear something that works for what activity you’re doing. I almost always suggest to my clients to wear a boot. Closed toed shoes for almost any adventure is a must! There is absolutely no shame in a hiking boot, but if you want something a little more stylish check out this North Face boot for ladies and this one for men. My rule of thumb for clothing is also to usually wear long pants or a long dress/skirt for style reasons and safety reasons. If you know you dont want to do the hiking or other activity in your out fit for photos just throw it in your pack and change somewhere along the trail!

  • Coordinate do not match. This little golden rule you will find also for almost any photo session and there is a reason! Visually it is great, you want a little contrast in your photos. Try to match each other in color or pattern. Wearing colors that are complimentary is a great way to go. If you want to look more into this check out the color wheel. Thinking about the color wheel is also a great way to put in perspective what to where in relation to what colors will be in your photos from the location the session will be held at. I also tell my couples to feel free to send me photos of the outfits if they want a second opinion or to bring options.

  • Flowy for the win! Often times for adventure sessions we are on a mountain peak or along the coastline. This usually means there will be some great wind! Flowy dresses and skirts photograph amazingly in these situations. Here are some websites that you can find a great dress at: Lulu’s, Free People, Revolve or you can go thrifting! Not all flowy dresses are created equal! Dresses that are a lighter weight in fabric like silk catch wind better and dresses with slits look more beautiful in the wind typically.

  • When in doubt layers. If you are unsure of the weather layer up. Mountain tops can be much cooler than where you start at the trail head so if you are in a flowy dress some nude tights might be a good thing to have on hand. You are also likely to get warm while hiking to the spot where most the photos will be captured. I always suggest prepare to shed layers or prepare to layer up depending on what type of environment the session is in. When selecting your layers just think to yourself “am I okay having photos with this as apart of my outfit” and “can I move in this.” The chances are I will also be photographing you during the hike and during those chilly moments.

  • Accessories. Have fun with your session and be you! If it is cold and you just love toboggans, bring it! Going on a big hike for your session? Bring all your gear! It makes for an epic adventure photo. Bringing your lady pup along?? Flower collars are super cute! Hats are all the rage right now!

  • Communicate!!! This is my BIGGEST suggestion. Your photographer is a resource. This is our job! I LOVE working with my couples to help them have the best experience, feel the most confident and love their photos after. I am here to help you plan your outfit and/or give you a second opinion on what you have picked out. I have a Pinterset board I send to every client doing an adventure session with me that has tons of ideas and useful tips for dressing the occasion. Every adventure is different and I cater the information to each couple based on their session.