Pricing & Elopement Packages

When you are hiring an adventure elopement photographer you are not just hiring someone to cover an event. As an elopement photographer I am here to listen to your needs, help you in planning the most perfect day, be your personal trail guide and capture your day with appreciation and an artistic eye. I genuinely care that your wedding day is authentic, emotive and as connected as it can be.


What is included in the cost:

  • planning assistance down to location, timing, vendors, back up plans and more (after contract is signed and retainer is paid)

  • photography with printing rights to edited images

  • photographer, guide, friend and more that cares about your day

  • photographers travel to location

Package options and cost:

  • Packages start at $2000 for four hours of time starting at arrival. Packages go up to multi day options. Please reach out for full pricing!

  • Out of the country elopements start at $4000 for six hours of coverage time.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

How many people can attend our elopement?

This is up to you! If you’re eloping in Colorado or eloping after doing all the technical paperwork in a courthouse it can be just you two! Other states require two witnesses and an officiant. I do count as a witness if you need me to be one for you! Otherwise it’s up to you if you bring friends or family. For my packages elopements become intimate weddings when there are 10+ guests.

Can we do an adventure elopement, if we don’t hike often?

Of course you can!! Many epic locations to elope are accessible by short easy hikes. Some locations you may consider is Yosemite National Park, Olympic National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Sedona, etc. Our elopements are not just about the adventure, but also about the ability to express your emotions and connection on your wedding day! Reach out to me and we can plan the perfect elopement within your realm of adventure!

How far in advance should I book?

You can book with me anywhere from 24 hours in advance to 14 months in advance. The earlier you book the more likely I am to have your date available, have the time to pull needed permits and more. Always reach out even if it is a couple of days in advance!

How many photos will we get?

The amount of images given to each couple varies each session. For elopements you will get a minimum of 200 images and for adventure sessions you will get a minimum of 75 images.


Will my dress get ruined?

Your dress will for sure get dirty, but this does not mean it is ruined. Check out this blog post I wrote about selecting the perfect elopement wedding dress which may help you imagine the right dress to elope in and it has tips on keeping your dress in mint condition.

What if we aren’t ready to book, but want some help with starting to plan our elopement?

I LOVE helping my clients plan their elopement from the location, timing and vendor recommendations. I do not start the planning process with my couples until they are booked. To book you do not need an exact date yet, but some idea of time range. If you want to start planning and get some ideas before booking with me you will want to download my free adventure elopement planning guide! It is packed with suggestions, tips and location advice! Click here to download it now!

What type of experience should we expect?

Experience is everything! I will be there every step of the way with you from planning, to helpful tips and the day of for support and photography. My approach gives you space the day of to freely bond and express your emotions together. There will definitely be adventuring. No doubt you will here me say “Holy cow! Look at those clouds, light or stars” throughout your session. It is my number one goal to make sure your day is pure magic!

I recently wrote a whole blog post on the elopement experience and planning leading up to the elopement. Check it out here.

You can also read reviews from past clients about their experience working with me here.

Do you photograph anything other than elopements?

I mostly photograph elopements! I do photograph adventure maternity sessions, engagement sessions and anniversary sessions. If you are wondering about a specific session or event always feel free to reach out!

I do capture a small hand full of small, intentional weddings each year. For more information click here.

Where are you located?

I am technically based out of Arizona, but since I live in a van I follow good weather and elopement bookings! I tend to spend the summer in cooler places like the Pacific Northwest! I like to say though, I am based where ever you are eloping.

What is the game plan in bad weather??

Fingers crossed no crazy weather is happening. If it is only raining or snowing adventure still happens. The day before and day of we will watch the radar closely. If the weather appears to be unsafe or causes road closures we can relocate to a back up location or if you choose we can reschedule your date.

Do you offer any products?

Yes I do! You can order prints from my trusted print house through the online client viewing gallery. Outside of prints I do offer my clients this super rad hand made leather album of their day which I design and ship to you. Any other products you may be interested just let me know I can get that for you. My top package also includes a glass box with prints and a USB drive.

Can we bring our pups!?

UMMMM, yes!!! I love when clients bring along their furry kiddos. I would say at least 50% of my clients elope with their dogs tagging along. Just keep in mind it is a good idea to bring a friend along to be the dog wrangler for any time during photos that you may just want the two of you in them or to hold during the ceremony. It is not a must, but a great thing to do!

Also, you want to research your location and if dogs are allowed on the trail. A lot of National Parks have heavy restrictions on pets. Be sure to know if your pet is allowed off leash or not at your location. Lastly, always be sure to clean up after your pup :)

Do you offer elopement planning?

Yes! Helping you plan your elopement is the first half of my job and I LOVE it! Please respect that elopement planning takes a lot of time and is not done until a contract is signed and retainer is paid.


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