Natural Coexistence

Natural Coexistence embodies the human life within the world that we inhabit. This series explores different landscapes and ecosystems that are for the most part pure of our interference. As a species, we have made Earth our home for thousands of years and have made it what we need it to be.

As we change and progress, the world is evolving too, but not always for the better. The earth is made up of many different environments and each of these are important to our planet and also with the other species whom live here. As we progress we are falling deeper into computer screens and not looking past our phones on a daily basis. As technology pulls us away from the basics of life we need to keep in mind that without the bare essentials we can not maintain moving forward . We need to coexist with our planet for longevity, our health,and well-being.

The bodies present in the images are stripped down to their most natural state allowing them to be one with their surroundings. This series it is not about the model or about beauty, but about the raw relationship we have with our surroundings. Clean of color, without distractions, these pieces should spark a conversation about being in sync with our planet as a unified whole.  A pure and balanced relationship between human and Mother Nature should exist as illustrated in the images in this series.

Natural Coexistence - Wilmington
Natural Coexistence - Austin
Natural Coexistence - King
Natural Coexistence - Joshua Tree
Natural Coexistence - Winston-Salem
Natural Coexistence - Flagstaff
Natural Coexistence - Winston Salem
Natrual Coexistence Torrey Pines