As you may know from looking around the website I am based out of my van, Chance! This being said my life is set on wheels, meaning I can go anywhere for your elopement, even if that means a flight!! I base myself majority of the year out of Arizona mostly late October- early May. The rest of the year I base myself out of the Pacific Northwest, but I am always traveling. Below are travel dates that have been set in stone. I am always updating this list so be sure to check back periodically.


June 23-28th

bookings still available


Pacific Northwest - Oregon & Washington

July 15th - September 4th

bookings still available



So you may be wondering….. are these the only places you’re available?!?!

Definitely not!


Living on the road full time gives me the ability to go anywhere, anytime! Travel is based on bookings. Often times when I am headed to location from another I am passing through beautiful locations. For example, on my way from North Carolina to the Pacific Northwest I will be passing through places like the Grand Tetons or Moab. The ideal time to book with me to get the location you want is three months in advance, but bookings can be made 1 day to 1 year in advance! To inquire about booking anywhere please reach out!


The spirit of adventure, combined with the ability to make our own decisions, calls us to forge our own path and go our own way…finding our own happiness.