Capturing Connection.
From connection to capture, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’m here to provide couples with my time and resources to plan a perfect elopement day resulting in the space and experience to have an emotive and connected way to start off their marriage reflecting fulling in them as a couple. I thoroughly believe adventure elopements are the most sincere and natural way to get married. The day should be about you two. I believe the outdoors provides a space to freely express yourself and have the most calming day.


Fun Facts About Me:

  • Favorite Drink: Mezcal Anything

  • Years in Photography: 10

  • Past job: studio manager & golf photographer

  • States Traveled: 36

  • Favorite Town: Vík, Iceland

  • A Favorite State Park: Smith Rock, OR

  • Favorite National Parks: Joshua Tree, Olympic National Park, Mt Rainier

  • Favorite Dog: German shepherd

  • A Life Goal: Volunteer at An Elephant Conservation

  • Dream Elopement Location: GreenLand

  • I live off of the Lumineers & Ellie Goulding

  • my friends say my best trait is loving people with my whole heart

Hi! I am Traci your elopement photographer! I am just a small town country girl with a big heart and a free spirit! I have a huge passion for expressing yourself, our protected lands, learning about other cultures, exploring, creativity and unconventional living. I live for hanging out around the camp fire with a bottle of wine with new friends in new places. When I am not photographing a couple I am on the trail or finding a place to go horse back riding around a mountain. Local coffee shops are my jam and I never turn down chocolate. Communication and connection is super important to me when working with my couples. I am there for your most intimate day and most the time the only one with you, I want you to feel like a dear ole’ friend is tagging along for the ride!

A back ground in fine art, a lifetime of working on my own emotional journey and deep rooted admiration for the outdoors led me to becoming an adventure elopement photographer. I create artful expressions with and for couples who are deeply in love. I do this by creating space for them to enjoy each other while I capture it photographically. I believe having an outdoor ceremony allows for an organic, breathtaking and meaningful way to exchange vows. It is to me the only way to truly have a day that is all about you two and your bond. Elopements come in many different forms and are unique to each couple. I can’t even believe that I get to call this my ‘job’ and it means so much to me to help couples plan and to document their elopement.


Life on the road…

In May of 2019 I made the choice to hit the road full time with my cat Indy. The van formally named “Chance” from a story my aunt told me about my Grandfather, Paw Buck. Whenever she asked him how came into all of his successes he simply would reply, “All I did was take a chance.” I never met my Paw Buck, but have always been told I am the most like him out of all the grand kids. My Aunt is always my biggest solidarity even when she’s not too crazy about me living in a van, lol. In the moment she was telling me this story I knew I had to name the van Chance. The choice to live on the road full time came a lot due to my desire to always be traveling and exploring new places and the chance to really grow because let’s face it, Van Life is not easy. I am so excited to be traveling to all of your elopement locations and be able to offer the flexibility of being all over the US instead of one state. I mostly base myself out of the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest and California with the random and often trips to Iceland.

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